The Team


Toby Vacher

Founder and CEO

  • Started in 2014 and in 2016
  • Finds, tastes(!), and selects the brands featured in your monthly G&T boxes
  • Maintains the website and online shop
  • Pays the salaries
  • Tidies the office
  • Makes the coffee
  • “Manages” the company Gin collection.

Holly Harwood

The Gintern

  • Holder of the best job in the world?
  • Visits distilleries to meet the team, taste the gin, and report back to HQ
  • Find new brands to feature in our monthly G&T boxes
  • Creates GINspired recipes, videos, and social media content
  • Posts to @the_gintern on Instagram and Twitter
  • Launched Holly’s Gin!

Past Members of the Team


Diamante Campolmi

Head of Community

  • Joined in 2016, and now basically runs the place
  • Oversees all customer orders and queries
  • Creates daily Gin memes and viral videos
  • Manages relationships with our partner brands
  • Holds the company record for Facebook post reach with 15,000,000!
  • Entertains us with Italian phrases
  • Never made good on her interview promise to bring us pasta.

Meg Bowen

Community Manager

  • Joined in 2018, after impressing us with some serious gin knowledge!
  • Manages customer orders and questions
  • Manages our social feeds, and blog
  • Keeps the rest of us up to date on how our members are doing
  • Teaches Diamante how to “speak northern”
  • If you name the gin, she’s tried it.

Max Bramwell

Founder and Marketing Advisor

  • Joined in 2015 and co-founded
  • Managed PR, marketing and social media strategy
  • Maintained the website and online shop
  • Created daily Gin memes
  • Can turn one day of work into an international PR story!
  • Left to pursue his even bigger love – FREE FOOD!

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