The 13 Types of Gin Drinkers

Which one are you?


The “I only drink gin neat to savour the botanicals” drinker

To savour the botanicals, yes.


The “anything goes as long as it’s gin” drinker

If it is gin, it can’t be THAT bad 😉


The classy gin drinker

Because there is no other way of drinking gin…


The messy gin drinker

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun!


The “I rely on gin to solve all my problems” drinker

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


The responsible gin drinker

One G&T a day keeps the doctor away.


The “I love gin a little bit too much” drinker

It happens to the best of us 😂


The snobby, know-it-all gin drinker

I only drink craft gin and Schweppes should be banned.



The all-day gin drinker

It’s never too early, it’s never too late for gin.


The sneaky gin drinker

When good gin is too good to share.

The “I don’t particularly like gin, but I like spirits, gin is a spirit, therefore I’ll have that G&T thank you” drinker

And they could so get used to used to it…


The “gin will make me dance” drinker

Because gin is so much fun!!


The mixologist gin drinker

10 parts of gin, 1 part of tonic and 4 ice cubes.




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