The Artisan Drinks Co: Born in a Bar not a Lab…

An entrepreneur and an artist walk into a bar… and this is how The Artisan Drinks Co started! The team is an eclectic mix of experts within their field, united by a passionate pursuit of excellence! And yes, the range of drinks are certainly excellent!

The Story

Steve Cooper and Alan Walsh walked into that bar and met Mikey. Artisan features designs created by artist Alan and recipes developed by Australian bar owner and cocktail specialist Mikey Enright to complement spirits.

The team have created four premium mixers including: classic London tonic, skinny London tonic, violet blossom tonic and barrel smoked cola. Produced in the UK and Australia, each Artisan recipe is made with “the finest natural ingredients”.

Artisan co-founder Steve Cooper has said: “The spirits market has a wonderful array of craft brands, traditional to modern, reserved through to colourful. Yet, despite strong growth, there is little innovation in the mixer category.”

Artisan are definitely going to stand out visually in your collection, as they are just so bright and artistic! More importantly they taste fab too, and you can just tell they are created by people who know their drinks very well! 😀


The Range

Classic London Tonic

Cleaner than a whistle, this well-dressed cleansing classic combines complex natural citrus flavours with subtle botanical notes, providing the perfect partner to complement the character & quality of a drier craft gin.



Distinctive quinine aromas with a hint of citrus


A balance of quinine bitterness with natural sweetness


Soft and elegant

Perfect Mix

The perfect canvas for drier gins, to create a classic gin & tonic

Skinny London Tonic

Natural blend of aromatic botanicals and specially selected orange & lemon essences, combined with lower amount of fruit sugar levels to balance quinine’s crispness with a rounded aftertaste and dry finish.



Clean and citrus fresh, with a dry finish


Bone dry, with complex citrus notes


Crisp and light, with Champagne-style effervescence

Perfect Mix

A naturally less sweet accompaniment to round out the flavours of your favourite craft gin superbly

Violet Blossom Tonic

This vibrant bouquet of Violet, Elderflower and Appleblossom with hints of natural quinine awakens the palette. A sophisticated drink on its own or great at adding a perfumed complexity to a craft dry gin without masking the uniquely crafted flavours.



Fresh and subtle bouquet of Elderflower, Appleblossom and Violet


Elegant floral sweetness balanced with natural lemon acidity


Clean and refreshing

Perfect Mix

With so much botanical flavour, keep it simple. And for something a little different try this in a non-alcoholic cocktail – or simply on the rocks – on its own


Barrel Smoked Cola

This cola is decidedly different with barrique barrel aged smokey top notes to complement the cola nut bitterness.



Clasic cola sweetness with complex smokey notes


An adult cola, with distinctive smokey aftertaste


Full bodied with a clean finish

Perfect Mix

The perfect partner for a craft bourbon, whisky, premium rum… or how about a barrel aged gin?!


For more information about The Artisan Drinks Co and for their wonderful cocktail recipes, visit their website




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