The Sweet Science of Boxer Gin

The Boxer has been fighting its way to the top of the craft gin market since 2014 with a secret weapon. This not-so-classic dry gin gets its vibrant and complex taste from the marriage of Himalayan and Bulgarian juniper, lots of carefully sourced botanicals, and British wheat.

The Botanicals

One of the most ancient rituals of the Himalayas is the burning of juniper on mountain tops to sanctify the area, while invoking the gods to descend down the ladder of fragrant smoke to open the sky door. The Boxer’s secret weapon is the way in which this juniper, and also the bergamot, are separately processed.

Himalayan Juniper berries are sourced fresh in the Himalayas, and steam distilled (for 20 hours!!)  to extract their essential oils to capture each and every delicate nuance of flavour. The bergamot peel is cold pressed to get all that citrusy goodness out in its purest state. Both these processes happen separately, before the oils are then added to the distillation of the other botanicals.


The Distillation

The base spirit to make Boxer Gin is distilled in-house using the finest British wheat. The grain is fermented in a modern tower still and then in the good old copper pot still. The result is a smooth, soft spirit with a subtle taste of grass and hay.

All the 12 botanicals are added to the liquid and left there for eight hours to macerate. Once ready, the mixture in left in the very capable hands of the 108 year old copper pot still “Angela”. She’s got the most important job of all – fixing the botanical flavours in the gin.

This gin becomes alive when blended with the juniper and bergamot essential oils. Sussex sweet spring water is then added to create the Boxer at a classic bottling strength of 40% and an export strength of 45% abv.

The Taste

The refreshing taste of Boxer Gin is produced as a result of carefully balancing the fresh juniper with the lemon, orange and bergamot. Rich woody spices and aromatic floral roots complement these in the background. Master of Malt described it as “beautifully complex”.

The peculiar distillation process makes the taste of Boxer Gin distinctive in a G&T even when heavily diluted with tonic water.

Boxer Gin Signature G&T
  • 25ml of Boxer Gin
  • 50/75ml of tonic water
  • Fresh juniper berries
  • Bergamot peel (orange peel is good too if you can’t find bergamot!)
  • Ice

Fill a copa glass with lots of ice, 3/4 fresh juniper berries and pour the gin over it. Top with the tonic water and give it a gentle stir. Add the the bergamot/orange peel.

Half Time GnT
  • 25ml of Boxer Gin
  • 50-100ml equal parts apple juice & ginger beer
  • 1 slice of lime
  • 1 spring of mint
  • Ice

Fill a copa glass with lots of ice and pour the gin over it. Top with equal parts of apple juice and ginger beer and give it a gentle stir. Add the the slice of lime a spring of mint.

We have a couple of other suggestions for how best to drink Boxer gin, with different garnishes and mixers, in our ILoveGin members boxes.

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