Best Summer Cocktails

A Bar Has Just Opened With The Coolest Summer Cocktails Ever

2 days ago we came across something very exciting… the launch of a new bar in New York which have created some awesome cocktail lollies!

Prosecco with a cocktail infused lolly stuck in them, keeping them cool and delivering unique tastes! Are these not simply the best cocktail ideas for the summer?!

We think so, the only shame is these are only available currently in a bar in New York, hopefully some bars in the UK might hopefully cotton on to this. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter as we’ll likely be doing a DIY version of this so you can make a Gin & Tonic version this summer!

So what’s in them?

Well it’s not too fancy which is great news as you can try making them at home, you’ll find that it’s simply prosecco with a fruit infused ice lolly in them, but it seems that even having only been open for less than a week everyone is loving them!

The ice pops themselves are made by the People’s Pops, and there’s a variety of flavours to pick from including what we’ve heard is a best seller which is the raspberry basil smash (which they make with a mixture of basil, white rum, fresh raspberries and organic sugar), not only does it mix in with the prosecco as you drink it but it also helps to keep it cool in the hot summer days.

We’d love to see a Gin and Tonic inspired one, we might just have to hop on a plane or maybe we’ll create one ourselves and give you lucky readers the recipe! (Be sure to sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss it!)

Conrad’s have apparently been selling them every summer for the last few years but it’s only just come to our attention now!

We salute you Conrad Bar! Now bring your bar over to the UK!

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