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How Many Calories & How Much Exercise To Burn Off 8 Alcoholic Drinks

We all love a little drink every now and again but you may not realise the calories that are hidden within your pint of beer, your favourite cocktail or that glass of wine you have a little too often. We’ve looked into some of the most popular drinks to not only look at the average calories they contain but also how much exercise you’d need to do to burn that off and it makes for some interesting reading.

We kick it off with a look a pint of beer and a glass of wine (175ml) two of the most popular drinks in the UK and the rest of the world, the humble pint of beer varies depending on strength and brand but an average pint (568ml) contains approximately 180 calories and a glass of standard glass (175ml) of red wine typically has around 150 calories. To burn that pint of you’ll have to go running for 18 minutes or go on a 40 minute walk, now times that by the number of pints you have a typical weekend and you may find you need to do a lot of exercise to burn them all off. The same goes for wine, a single glass will require you to do 15 minutes swimming or a brisk 30 minute walk.

How many calories

Opt for one of our favourites a Gin and Tonic and you’ll be on to a winner, well at least it’s under 100 calories with a single G&T roughly 95 calories, that’s just a 9 minute run, by our calculations if you go for a 30 minute run you’ll be able to have three gin and tonics when you get back (probably not advised though).

If a fruity Pina Colada is more your tipple then it’s bad news, a single cocktail such as this can contain 425 calories with many examples containing well over 500, that’s 45-50 minutes of running or skipping to burn off the calories of just one cocktail!

If you’re more of the party animal and prefer having a few Jagerbombs then don’t think you’ve got away with it, the average one contains approximately 210 calories, thats 30 minutes on the cross trainer the next day (if you can bear heading to the gym the next day after a few of these!).

Cocktails and Gin and Tonic

If you’re watching your weight, wanting to reduce your calories then opting for Vodka which is one of the lowest calorie spirits along with Gin is a good way to go, don’t let it get ruined by going for a mixer full of sugar instead opt for a diet mixer such as diet coke or slimline tonic to make it a low calorie option. A double vodka and diet coke is only 110 calories with a single by just over 50, that’s just 10 minutes of playing football with your friends or even just 40 minutes doing some housework.

If you’re more of the type who loves a glass of bubbly then you’re in luck too as a glass of prosecco or champagne can have 80-90 calories per glass, great if you only plan on a few in the evening and even better news if you can burn a glass of if you do some shopping for 40 minutes, but this is shopping with walking around involved too, not simply sitting on your laptop browsing the shops online.

If you’re normally a cocktail fan then opt for a Margarita as these are one of your best bets in the cocktail range, a classic on the rocks which contains tequila, triple sec and lime juice will have approximately 180 calories which you can burn away with just 30-40 minutes on the dance floor busting your favourite moves!

ILoveGin Infographic

The calories in drinks are often overlooked by many, thinking that they are much less than they really are, if you’re on a diet and not seeing the weight fall off and are having big drinking sessions then this may be the reason. The drinks of choice for those wanting to minimize their calories from alcohol are gin and tonics, vodka and diet mixers and small glasses of wine, prosecco or champagne.

Avoid the high calorie cocktails which can be calorific especially when they have cream in them, if you’re one for knocking back the pints then think again as these will quickly add up. Remember that these drinks not only contain calories but also alcohol, know your limits and always drink responsibly.

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Alcoholic Drinks, Calories and Exercise Infographic

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