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I’m Holly, the Gintern here at ILoveGin.

Follow me on my journey to discover the best gins around! As well as visiting great new distilleries and experimenting with mixers and garnishes, I will provide you with plenty of gin fuelled recipes, photos, video and more.

Check out my latest posts and travels below, and follow me on instagram, twitter, and youtube to keep up to date with my adventures.

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Clementino Clover Club 🍊

Clementines remind me of Christmas, and this Ginato Clementino Gin cocktail is just perfect for this time of year!  

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Bonfire night cocktails

Bonfire Night Gin Cocktails you have to try! 🔥

Are you staying home in the warm tonight? Well, let’s mark the occasion with some Bonfire Night inspired gin cocktails!

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Floral Gin Float 🌸

If you enjoy floral gins, you will love this recipe! Remember sipping a Coke Float? Well this is 100% better! […]

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Gin Pear Smash cocktail

Pear Gin Smash Cocktail 🍐

This cocktail is delicious with Masons Pear & Pink Peppercorn Gin, topped up with Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil tonic. […]

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Mint Julep

Gin Mint Julep 🌿

This Mint Julep recipe from Surrey Copper Distillery is so refreshing! It works perfectly with their Copperfield Volume One and […]

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strawberry fizz

Strawberry & Pink Pepper Gin Fizz 🍓

This strawberry gin cocktail is perfect for those sunny days in the garden. Super easy to make and delicious!  

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I’ve just visited: The Gin Kitchen 


My next visit will be: TBC 

The Story of the Gintern

5,000+ applied for the job!

Back in 2016 ILoveGin started the hunt for a ‘gintern’, with the aim to find someone who is passionate about everything gin to help us discover new distilleries and mixer companies to work with.

The job ad went viral and was seen in hundreds of websites and publications from the Metro, Yahoo, BusinessInsider, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Telegraph, The Sun, Good Housekeeping and many more, even making its way over to TV and online news stations in the USA, Australia, and many parts of Europe! It also was shared tens of thousands of times on social media resulting in over 5,000 people applying!

We narrowed down the 5000 to 500 through a social media gin review round, then down to 32 to produce a video application, before inviting our top 8 to join us in London for a final round of cocktail presentations and reverse interviews. Congratulations to Holly for landing “the best job in the world”!