The ILoveGin Awards 2019 – Our Members’ Favourite Gins, Mixers and Tasting Boxes!

For each monthly G&T box, we ask our members to rate the gins and mixers they tasted, to let us know know how our selections stack up against the rest of the field. Now that we have combed through all the survey results from 2019, we can present some stats and favourites from the past year of gin drinking!


We ask 2 main questions for each box, featured gin, or mixer:

  1. Rate this out of 5 stars.
  2. Have you bought more, or do you intend to buy more of this?

We ranked all products by their star rating, and broke any ties by the higher percentage of people who intend to buy more. That process led us to a complete list of favourite Gins and Mixers from all our 2019 members boxes, and we’re happy to announce them below!


Top-Rated Members Boxes, 2019


#1 – The Emerald Isle Box! (March 2019)

With a brilliant 4.6 out of 5 stars, this was our members’ favourite box of the whole of 2019!

Featuring Mor Irish Wild Berry Gin, Boatyard Double Gin, and Poacher’s Citrus and Classic tonics, this featured some brilliant products from the Island of Ireland, all paired beautifully. See below for how the 4 products in this box ranked in the top gins and mixers from the year.

We originally spoke to Mor gin about a feature, and later got in touch with Boatyard. I think the team at Mor introduced us to Poacher’s and the rest was history! The chance to do an all-Ireland box seemed too good to pass up.

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#2 The Merry Ginmas Box
(December 2019)

Featuring Tarquin’s Gin from Cornwall, their Dry and Rhubarb & Raspberry varieties. Plus the brilliant Poacher’s tonics again with their Wild Tonic (elderflower) and Ginger Ale. This wasn’t supposed to be our Christmas box, but after our original gin partners for the month had to pull out, we thought we’d put together a pretty good one. Little did we know it would be THIS good!

Want to buy it? Grab it here.

Read about Tarquin’s Gin on our blog.

#3 The Sweet Ginger Box
(February 2019)

Featuring Jawbox Dry Gin and Pineapple & Ginger Gin Liqueur. The box also came with the delicious Merchant’s Heart Pink Pepper Tonic (see below!) and Ginger Ale. We were nervous to send our first ever gin liqueur (25% abv rather than the usual 40+) in this box, but our members loved it and we’ve since tried a few other liqueurs to great receptions as well.

Sold out! Grab the gins and mixers through our shop.

Read about Jawbox Gin on our blog.



Members’ Top-Rated Mixers, 2019


#1 Poacher’s Citrus Tonic

First featured in the highest rated “Emerald Isle” box, we had such a good reception for Poacher’s tonics that we’ve featured them again this year, and also other drinks from their range in the 2nd highest rated “Merry Ginmas” box. They can do no wrong in the eyes of our members it seems! Fresh Irish rosemary and natural Florida orange are combined with a base of natural quinine from the Congo.

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Read more about Poacher’s on our Blog.


#2 Poacher’s Classic Tonic

So good we’ve featured it three times! Natural Irish spring water, a very light sprinkling of Irish thyme, and a swift hit of quinine. The sugar content is kept very low to allow the gin to really shine through, and perhaps that’s the key to their success?

Want to buy more? Grab some on Amazon.

Read about Poacher’s on our blog.

#3 Merchant’s Heart Pink Peppercorn

A sense of beauty and playful imagination or – as the Japanese would call it – “Bikan Yuso”, is the secret ingredient that makes Merchant’s Heart sprit enhancers outstanding. Rich bitterness of quinine flows into the soft fruity spice of pink peppercorn. Excellent with aromatic spicy gin, earthy vodka, and Cognac.

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Read about Merchant’s Heart on our blog.



Members’ Top-Rated Gins, 2019


#1 – Tarquin’s Cornish Dry Gin!

With a huge 4.6 out of 5 stars, and 66% of people saying they would buy more, this was our members’ favourite gin of the whole of 2019! Congrats to Tarquin and the team at Southwestern Distillery.

After buying a 1ltr pot still, creating distillates of over 60 different botanicals, thousands of hours of research, and blind tastings, Tarquins came up with the recipe for his delicious gin. Since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength with multiple global awards, huge distribution and a brilliant range of flavoured gins and one-off experimental editions.

In the Cornish Dry, The Devon violets and use of fresh peels is what makes this classic London dry contemporary and extra aromatic. Tarquin describes the taste as “comparable to stumbling upon a beautiful orange blossom in the middle of a crisp, dry pine forest”.

It’s perfect with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, a slice of Pink Grapefruit, and a sprig of Thyme.

Want to buy some? We sold out! But you can grab some on Amazon.

Read more about Tarquin’s Gin on our blog. Or on their website.


#2 Mor Irish Gin (Wild Berry)

Narrowly pipped to the post with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, the same as Tarquin’s Dry, but just slightly less on the “would buy more” question with 58%, Mor was our top “flavoured” gin, although this one is somewhere between flavoured and classic, which is perhaps the key to its success!

It was one of the featured Gins in our most popular “Emerald Isle” box from March 2019, alongside Boatyard Double and Poacher’s Mixers!

Want to buy it? Grab it on Amazon.

Read about Mor Gin on our blog. Or on their website.

#3 Boatyard Double Gin

With 4.5 out of 5 stars, and 50% “would buy more”, Boatyard Double Gin is right up there at the top. Boatyard’s “double juniper” recipe shows that while our members always respond well to interesting flavours, the real soft spot is always for Juniper, just as it should be with Gin!

It was also featured in our most popular “Emerald Isle” box from March 2019, alongside Mor Wild Berry Gin and Poacher’s Mixers!

Want to buy it? Grab it on Amazon.

Read about Boatyard Gin on our blog. Or on their website.



It seems that Poacher’s and Tarquin’s are well and truly the kings of the G&T world going into 2020! We also noticed a few other similarities in the favourites above that will inform our choices going into the next year of planning for our members boxes:

  1. Ireland produces some incredible G&Ts! (Mor Gin and Poachers are from the Republic of Ireland, and Jawbox and Boatyard gin are from Northern Ireland)
  2. Our members like boxes with one classic/dry style gin, and one flavoured gin.
  3. Unusual mixers such as flavoured tonics and especially ginger ale go down very well.
  4. Flavoured gins in boxes are popular, but classic style gins are usually favoured over flavoured.
  5. Flavoured gins that aren’t particularly sweet perform the worst (which is actually the opposite of what we’d assumed!), sweeter ones come out on top.
  6. Classic tonics that are dryer or more herbal perform the worst, again with sweeter ones performing better (and also opposite to our expectations).


A big thank you to all our members through 2019, especially those who took the time to rate their boxes and give us feedback on what they liked so we can keep improving for 2020. We have some brilliant gins and tonics already lined up for the rest of the year, so subscribe now to make sure you get to try them!

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