ILoveGin Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The ILoveGin Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not check out our new gin gift range for that special someone this season of love …

Finding the right gift for your partner can be difficult – it’s hard to think of something else other than that bouquet of roses to gift for the 8th year in a row! This is why we thought we’d help out and launch our own Valentine’s Gift Shop this year. We’ve got everything gin-ny your partner will love from gin truffles to Pink G&T sets!

The 12 British Gins Tasting Set

For gift idea numero uno we have gin … we have a lot of gin. This set is filled with 12 brilliantly British tipples that would go down rather marvellously wethinks! With all the variations of G&Ts, cocktails and even gin baking recipes (our Gintern has the most AMAZING gin foodie recipes) you could try out with this set, you’d be getting your loved one an experience this Valentine’s Day…



The 12 Mixers Tasting Set

So, V-Day gift idea number two: what do you need when you’ve got a lot of gin? (Apart from acres of shelving space!) You need tonics! If 3/4 of your gin and tonic is tonic you’d better make sure that you are using the best there is! This box would go perfectly with your 12 British Gin Tasting Gift Set and saves you from going to every supermarket under the sun trying to source different tonics (such a pain am I right?!)



The Pink Gins and Chocolate Truffle Gift Set

















Gin AND chocolate?! It’s the ultimate gift really. This pack allows you to make 8 single or 4 double G&Ts and includes delicious Pink Gin Truffles to snack on with your partner/bff!

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The 4 Styles of Gin Gift Set

This is the perfect set for a gin lover, OR for someone you want to inspire to become a gin lover! It contains 4 different styles of gin (Dry/Classic, Sweet, Floral and Spiced) perfect for getting that special someone down Gin Lane!

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3 Shades of Pink Gins Tasting Gift Set

What could be cuter than a box full of Pink Gins! They’re beautiful and delicious and come with a beautiful recipe card containing the story of the gins, the perfect serves and garnishes!


5 Shades of Pink Gins Tasting Gift Set

















What could be better than 3 Pink Gins?? … Err 5!!



The Floral Gins and Tonics Gift Set

















Imagine giving that special someone a box of mouth watering floral gins alongside a bouquet of flowers … I’d say you’d be on for a winner there.

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Bloom Magic Flowers

Speaking of bouquets, we’d highly recommend Bloom Magic Flowers! Why? Because their arrangements are absolutely stunning and would be a perfect accompaniment to a gin prezzie!
Now because we are all about LOVE here at ILoveGin, we’ve got you a cheeky discount! Get £15 off your order with BLOOMMAGIC15



The Pink Gins & Tonics Valentines Day Gift Set

Just in case we’re living in some crazy world where your special someone isn’t a fan of gin choccies, you can buy a beautiful Pink G&T set sans truffles!

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The Gin & Tonic Chocolate Gift Set

With the G&T Chocolate Gift set you will be receiving: Pink Gin Truffles, a G&T Dark Chocolate Bar and G&T Drinking Chocolate – essentially if you buy this for your Valentine you will benefit massively because there’s plenty to share!




We hope this list has been useful in helping you find that perfectly gintastic gift for your Valentine this year! However if you’re still not sure exactly what you’re after or just want to have a browse of our other products, why not hop on over to our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide shop page!

Valentine’s Day Gift Shop


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