The Most Impressive Gin Collections We Have Ever Seen

How many Gin bottles do you reckon one needs to own to have a good collection? And how many should there be in the Gin cupboard to be deemed gin obsessed? We have done some research and our lovely Facebook followers have helped us to reach a conclusion. Variety is important but the display plays a big part in our decision – These are the most worshipped Gin bottles that we have ever come across!


Do humans even live long enough to be able to drink all of this?! Dream.

Picture by David Overall


We love everything about this collection – the variety, the display – Martin, when are we coming over for a good G&T?

Picture by Martin Bradley


Frank’s collection is so weirdly satisfying to look at. I guess we are a little bit OCD, we find it perfect.

Picture by Frank Jordan


Tim, is the Dog called Gin? 😝

Picture by Tim Battke

La crème de la crème de tous les Gins. Excellent, Alain.

Picture by Alain Sulkowski


We think it is worth paying a visit to the Worth’s 😄

Picture by Tina Worth


Rachel put her name on the gin collection, so it’s hers.

Picture by Rachel Smith


Guess what gin Sharon loves the most in her Gin Palace? And get yours here

Picture by Sharon Durham


Richard is ‘clearly not trying’ 😂

Picture by Richard Mark


Robert likes playing Jenga with his 100 Gins…

Picture by Robert Leggett


Theresa, we need to know where you got those G&T letters. We could use some in the office 😆

Picture by Theresa Ankers


Ezio has robbed the Queen of the pillows and Bombay Sapphire of all the gin in all the sizes. Awesome.

Picture by: Ezio Seghetti


Cheryl knows that every great gin deserves to be paired with a great botanical because she BLOODY LOVES Gin.

Picture by: Cheryl Rutherford


Lee loves her 35 different gins so much that she decorated the shelves with lots of hearts 😍

Picture by: Lee Wilson


We can’t see any Gin bottles here.. but we trust Jackie to have some good ones in his Gin and Tonic vintage horse box bar!

Picture by: Jackie Colwell


Thank you to all our Facebook followers who posted these pictures on the ILoveGin page! If you haven’t, but think that you own an impressive collection, share your pics with us too and you might be featured in our top picks 😄

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