Navas Tonics

These mixers from Cornwall are delicious!

Navas was born in a bar in Mousehole, Cornwall. After a long walk around the headland, the founders popped into the Ship Inn and noticed that whilst there were many excellent Cornish spirits, there wasn’t a choice of Cornish mixers…

The Story

Navas focus on creating drinks made from the best ingredients, that will bring out the character of the spirits they are paired with. They launched Navas with two Tonic Waters earlier this year, and you will see them all across the county of Cornwall in shops, bars and restaurants. These tonics are made entirely from natural ingredients of the best provenance. They pair wonderfully with gin, being so clean tasting… the gin really shines!

If you have been to Cornwall, the name might be familiar! It reflects the shared connection of the Helford River and the small creek village, Port Navas.  Their packaging really stands out and looks very Cornish! Inspired by the dark green and red serpentine rocks found at Kynance Cove and the Lizard Peninsula… polished by thousands of years of crashing waves, the rocks look like smooth snakeskin.

The Range


Navas blends pink grapefruit, lemon and bitter orange, with bergamot and lime leaf oils to create a light, crisp and vibrant taste.

Using a natural process to extract the flavour from cinchona bark, we soften the bitterness of quinine with woody notes, to give more depth.

These ingredients are pulled together by Cornish Spring Water for a light and complex flavour.


Navas Premium Tonic pairs well with traditional juniper forward gins, especially London Dry’s!


Blending the same natural ingredients of their Premium Tonic, with dominant flavours of pink grapefruit, lemon and bergamot, Navas have replaced cane sugar for fructose.

The result is a Dry Tonic, crisp and refreshing that highlights the quality and mineral taste of the Cornish Spring Water.


Navas Light Tonic pairs well with more floral gins for a fragrant Gin & Tonic or a refreshing Spritz.

The team at Navas have gone through the biomes at The Eden Project this summer, along with their amazing horticulturalists to study the plants that could provide a critical flavour ingredient for their next mixers. We have been told that they have a Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Lemon Tonic and Soda Water coming very soon! We can’t wait to try them!


If you would like to learn more about these wonderful mixers and find some delicious pairings, head over to the Navas website


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