This AMAZING gin is made from unwanted table grapes!

HYKE is a premium gin but it’s made from leftover grapes that were destined to become food waste. Not only is this gin eco-friendly, but it’s absolutely delicious too!

The Story

Every year, Britain’s supermarkets import table grapes (the ones you eat, not those used to make wine) from all around the world. For packing, the grapes are cut and trimmed to fit the punnets, leaving loose grapes and tiny bunches that can’t be sold as fresh. The sheer size of the trade means hundreds of tonnes of grapes end their long journey either as animal feed or in an anaerobic digester.

We have seen the sale of wonky carrots and other fruit and veg… and now the team at Foxhole Spirits have used these unwanted grapes and turned them into something brilliant!

Foxhole Spirits worked with importer Richard Hochfeld Ltd to reuse these grapes in a different, more delicious way. Together, they came up with an ingenious solution that takes surplus grapes to a brighter destination as HYKE Gin!

HYKE’s bottle is made from fully recyclable material too! The striking geometric design was inspired by traditional African fabrics; many of the table grapes used to make the grape spirit in HYKE originate in Egypt and South Africa.


We just love how unique this gin is!


The Gin

The producers take the grapes, press them dry and make the resulting juice into wine. This is then turned into a grape spirit which is blended with grain spirit, and flavoured with a blend of botanicals inspired by the grapes’ African and South American origins.  Complicated process but tasty results!

The botanicals are: juniper, myrrh, nigella seed, rooibos, cumin, bay leaf, green cardamon, black cardamon, coriander, angelica root, angelica seed, orris root, liquorice root, aniseed, lemon zest.


Perfect Serve

HYKE & Tonic

  • 50ml HYKE Gin
  • Tonic Water
  • Lemon Slice
  • Fresh Thyme Sprig


Fill a glass with ice cubes, pour in 50ml of HYKE Gin and top up with chilled tonic water.

Garnish with a slice of lemon and sprig of thyme.


For more information about Foxhole Spirits and for more delicious HYKE Gin Cocktail recipes, head to their website!

HYKE are giving I Love Gin subscribers the chance to win a complete HYKE Spritz cocktail bundle containing one bottle of HYKE (70cl) one bottle of Urban Cordial Elderflower cordial and one bottle of sparkling rose wine. All you need to add is a glass and some ice! Head here to enter! Good Luck!



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