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This £14 Box Is Disrupting the £1 Billion Gin Market

ILoveGin, the UK’s favourite Gin & Tonic club is changing the gin market for good.

First of all, the UK market worth £1 billion and there are now hundreds of gin brands and tonic companies around the country, this has meant it can be tricky to find these brands unless you live near to where they are made or if you buy full size bottles. This can mean just to try a gin you might have to spend £25-40 for a full bottle without even knowing if you’ll like it.

Secondly, the humble tonic water once thought of as simply an extra now is seen as a vital part of your G&T and so more and more companies have sprung up offering unique tonic waters and mixers.

Lastly, discovering new tastes often happens in bars where you’ll often be charged a premium to try new G&Ts.

The Solution

Working directly with gin brands and tonic companies, ILoveGin deliver a box every month with two gins and two tonic/mixers inside, enough to make 4 delicious G&Ts at home and allowing gin lovers to discover new gins without having to buy full size bottles. Then if enjoyed, members can buy full size versions with exclusive discounts.

Since ILoveGin delivers not just new gins but also tonics, members are discovering new G&Ts from the comfort of their own home.

How ILoveGin Works

 1. ILoveGin sends you a box every month for just £14 inc postage.

Haymans Box

 2. Inside you get 2 new gins & 2 tonic/mixers & tasting card.

Botanicals Box

 3. Each month is new & you’ll discover new gins & tonics you’ll love!

The Box

At ILoveGin, we aim to fit in with your lifestyle and know many people enjoy drinking gin & tonics at home, therefore we deliver them directly to where you want them. You can pause, skip or cancel at anytime, no contracts involved!

Discovering new Gins & Tonics has never been easier

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