Collagin Gin

This Gin Claims To Make You Look Younger

After being announced last year the world’s very first gin which is distilled with pure collagen is now available to purchase in the UK! The gin is distilled with pure collagen, something you’d normally find in face creams!

The cleverly named gin is called CollaGin and it contains actual collagen in a powder form which is said to not affect the taste of the gin nor be broken down by the alcohol. So why collagen and what does it do, well Collagen is a protein which is the key to the elasticity of your skin and 3/4 of your skin is made up of this. When we age, the collagen in our skin breaks down and this can cause wrinkles and make you loose that youthful looking skin.

Most anti-wrinkle and face creams have collagen in, however the entrepreneurs behind this gin say that it’s better to ingest it than simply apply it to your skin in a cream. The gin doesn’t just stop at having this key ingredient in it, it also has a range of botanicals which have anti-ageing qualities such as anise oil, orris, pink grapefruit and orange.

There are sceptics out there however who question how much of the collagen may be digested after being subjected to the stomach’s acids and digestive processes.

Does it taste nice, well gin is often a personal preference but it’s said that the gin has a nice fragrant taste with hints of vanilla.

The Collagen is available from the makers website and costs £34.99 per bottle, note that due to it using animal protein this isn’t suitable for vegetarians.

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