Anti Aging Gin

This Gin Will Make You Look Younger

Okay this sounds like some kind of ridiculous title for an article…well it is but it’s also true… kind of!

A new gin has been developed which is aptly named ‘Anti-a Gin’ and is distilled with pure collagen (don’t worry it’s got a range of other things in it so it tastes nice including hazel, nettle, tea tree and chamomile), the collagen in it though is thought to help you stay looking young. The 40% gin combines these properties with a spirit we all love so you’ll not only be able to have a few drinks but stay looking younger!

Several studies have shown that collagen can help your skin stay more hydrated and show less signs of age, including a study which was published by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology this year. Harry Parr, who is a co-founder of one of the companies who were commissioned to make it by Warner Leisure Hotels, stated that they’ve “stayed true to the principles of classic gin”.

So now you’re thinking “this is the best thing ever, where do I buy it?!” well the bad news is that we’re not quite convinced about it, our opinion is it can be put into the category of all the other ‘anti aging’ products on the market and be looked at with skepticism and we question if it’s simply not a gimmick.  However if you do want to try it you can do soon at one of the 13 Warner hotels doted across the UK, you can also buy it for around £35 from several sites.

I think we’ll stick to some of the craft gins which focus on the taste rather than making you look younger, we’ll enjoy drinking our gin and getting older thank you.

Image credit: Warner Leisure Hotels


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