Thomas Dakin Gin: Horseradish creates its delicious, lingering finish!

This is a unique gin that you definitely need to try! A gin steeped in heritage, Thomas Dakin himself was just 25 years old in 1761 when he began distilling his own gin in Warrington. Today, the gin isn’t a recreation of an original recipe, but has botanicals inspired by exotic spices and the unusual addition of horseradish (or “red cole” as it was known in the 18th century).



In 1761, Warrington was a bustling and prosperous town with some of the best trading links in Great Britain. With Warrington’s trading routes and affluent population, Thomas Dakin saw this opportunity and purchased the dwelling house on Bridge Street, where the distillery was founded.
Dakin’s entrepreneurial spirit and foresight and ambition ensured that the quality of gin produced at his distillery stood apart from the conventional, rough and impure gins of the day and so catered to a market of wealthy travellers and local residents. Dakin was also a member of the infamous Warrington Academy, widely known as the ‘dissenter’s Eton’, thanks to its reputation for enlightened and inspirational thinking and its impressive membership. Members included contemporaries of Thomas Dakin, the most famous of whom was probably Joseph Priestley, the renowned thinker and scientist who discovered the process of ‘carbonation’ which would pave the way for the development of tonic water and become the perfect mixer for Dakin’s superior gin.



The Gin

Thomas Dakin gin is from the Quintessential Brands Group with Master Distiller Joanne Moore. It took her 12 months to develop the recipe. Joanne decided that  “red cole” was the perfect signature flavour in this wonderful gin. Thomas Dakin Gin has 11 botanicals in total, including juniper, coriander seed, cubebs, angelica root, liquorice, sweet orange peel, grapefruit peel and horseradish.


Juniper-led with notes of sweet orange and citrus, enlivened by an infusion of distinctive red cole (horseradish)!



50ml Thomas Dakin Gin
125ml Premium Tonic Water
Orange Peel
Sprig of Fresh Coriander (optional)

Pour the gin over a full glass of ice and top up with the tonic water. Twist a 5cm strip of the orange peel onto the top and garnish with a sprig of coriander if you fancy.

Horseradish Benefits

As well as a dollop on our Sunday Roast, apparently we should be having a lot more Horseradish! The horseradish plant has a long history in folk medicine and can help prevent and treat a number of common ailments. Some of these include….

  •  Boosts the immune system
  • Curbs high blood pressure
  • Healthier digestion
  •  Reduces Symptoms of Respiratory Illness
  • Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Reliever
  • Boosts metabolism

Well, thank goodness for Thomas Dakin Gin! 



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