Valentine’s Day Gin Gifts

It’s that time of the year when you can show that special person in your life how much they mean to you, it’s that time to buy them something you know they’ll love and with our range of valentine’s day gin gifts you’ll be sure to give that gin lover in your life a gift they’ll be over the moon with.

If you know that your other half enjoys gin then buying them something gin related is a sure fire way to their heart, however finding the right one to give them can be a little tricky, that’s where we can help. Our range of gin gifts for valentine’s day include our gin membership which sends you monthly gin & tonic boxes filled with new gins and new mixer/tonics each month, so not only will they get to try a range of new gins you’ll be giving them a gift which keeps arriving each month for as long as you decide to buy for them.The 6 Month Gin Membership

The Monthly Gin Membership – a gift that keeps giving

Valentines Day Gin Gifts

One of our best selling valentine’s day gifts, give your loved one a gift which will include your first Gin & Tonic box which you can give on February 14th and then the gift will keep giving for as many months as you select.

3 Months Membership | 6 Months Membership | 12 Months Membership | Monthly Membership

With the monthly membership you’ll get a delivery of a Gin & Tonic box which includes 2 x 50ml miniature gins and 2 x bottles of tonic/mixer, you’ll see some examples of previous boxes below. They each come with a tasting card for which we’ll let you know more about each one and the best combinations to try. You’ll get enough to make 4 x Gin and Tonics which each box and so you can enjoy them as a couple or on your own.

Give the gift of a monthly gin membership

These are our best selling gifts to give your loved one on valentine’s day, We’ll send you your first Gin & Tonic box which you can give on February 14th and then the gift will keep giving for however many months you’ve chosen to purchase.

Often you’ll be thinking what you can give which has a romantic edge to it, and we make sure that our gifts relate to the gin lovers, each box comes with a tasting card giving you a background to each item within the box and access to our exclusive discounts on our site too.

Gin & Tonic Lip Balm, £3.50

G&T Lip Balm

It’s still cold no matter where you are in the UK in February and so chapped lips and protecting them is something that is often needed, we’ve combined both with this wonderful Gin & Tonic lip balm which will be loved by anyone who likes a G&T.

One of our Gin Bags , £12

Ever so useful whether it’s taking it to the supermarket so you can carry your purchases home with you or maybe going to the gym, our cotton gin tote bags are a wonderful gifts to give and we have two different funny gin phrase designs to pick from.

The Gin & Tonic Guide Book, £15 members, £20 non members

Gin Book

For those who like to know their stuff this G&T book will tell you everything you need to know about your favourite spirits and mixers. With over 400 gins inside, 50 tonics and with recipes, generally gin information and lovely photos this book makes for a fantastic valentine’s day present.

Gin gifts for your girlfriend

No matter the age (as long as you’re over 18) many woman love gin, whether they have their favourite gin they drink on every week or that they love to explore new gins. Our gin boxes work for both types of gin fans as we let them discover new gins without having to go and buy a full size bottle. Plus we deliver them directly to your home so you don’t have to go out to find new tastes.

Gin gifts for your boyfriend

As much as the nation of gin fans are often women we know that there are many men who have an equal passion for gin, sales of gin have risen all over the UK and men are increasingly discovering the wonders of this lovely drink. So if you’re looking to buy your boyfriend a gin gift then our monthly boxes make for wonderful gifts, they’ll get a box with enough gins and tonics each month to make 4 G&Ts so they can enjoy them all themselves or they can share them with you.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Gin

Traditionally this day of the year is celebrated with the giving of gifts to your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner, often these are flowers, cards and chocolates but increasingly people are giving different types of gifts and gifts which are more personal to the tastes and loves of that person. Alcohol has become a gift which is loved by many and to buy a unique bottle of a spirit which they love is a great way to give them a present which unlike other items like flowers or chocolate which last a week will often last a month or more.