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World’s Best Cruise Ship For Gin Lovers

If you’ve ever been on a cruise ship then you’ll know how amazing they are, not only do you get to travel to different destinations but you get to experience the thrill and luxury of being on board a ship sailing across the ocean. With many cruise ships getting bigger we know they bigger doesn’t always mean better, it really depends on what you want out of it!

Our favourite cruise ship…. is now the Europa 2, why you ask? Well because it can serve you a gin and tonic in 140+ different ways and has a selection of 35 different gins!

Gin Collection

via Europa 2

Erik Schutze who is the man behind the Herrenzimmer bar on board the ship says that the most popular combination is “the Monkey 47 gin with Fentimans Tonic” , this particular gin comes from Germany and includes over 45 different botanicals such as cranberries and is prepared using local spring water, the tonic comes from an English company and has herbal infusions which work perfectly with the Monkey 47 to create a wonderful G&T.

There’s a whole selection of other gins to go through while at sea and you’ll be hard pressed to go through them all if you’re only on a short cruise (a great excuse to book that extra long holiday), the majority of those gins on board derive from the UK where the gin scene is very popular, you’ll find that the Fifty Pounds London Dry gin is another popular one, with it’s name derived from the £50 fee which was charged to distillers during the reign of George II in 1736. Luckily the name doesn’t reflect the cost!

Of course you’ll not be limited to just English gins you’ll find a large array of German gins such as the ever popular Gansloser black, this gin has over 70 botanicals inside, definitely one to try!

Once you’ve selected the type of gin and the the type of tonic you want you’ll then be left to see what magical garnishes the bartender will add, typically you’ll see lemon or lime used but thanks to the bars well trained bartenders, their knowledge lets them match other items such as mint, grapefruit, ginger or even cinnamon sticks with your favourite gins.

Not only do you get this wonderful selection but the ship itself is home to exceptional restaurants, beautiful suites and has been awards a 5 plus star rating (pretty hard to achieve) so you’ll be sure to be in for a treat.

If you’ve never been on a cruise but love gin then why not opt for the one on the ship that claims to have one of the largest collections of gin in the world, we certainly haven’t found any that beat it just yet.

More info and photo credits: HL Cruises



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