World's Most Expensive Gin

World’s Most Expensive Gin

Have you ever walked into a shop selling alcohol and noticed the top shelf where all the bottles with a big price tag are? Well if you thought the prices you’ve seen in the past are big then you’ll be in for a surprise when you see what the world’s most expensive bottle of gin costs.

The gin is called Watenshi, and is on sale in Selfridges in Birmingham, known as the ‘Japanese Angel’ the gin costs a wallet crunching £2,000 per bottle! It’s just a standard size 700ml bottle of gin as well. We did the maths and that price means each shot/measure (25ml) would cost you £71! So if you’re used to making your gin & tonic with a double then it would set you back £142 just for the gin!

Made by one of the world’s most famous distilleries ‘Cambridge Distillery’ it is the best 1% of it’s also famous Japanese gin, this gin won the title of Gin of the year in 2015 so it’s good in it’s own right but they take only the very best one percent to create the Watenshi bottle. By collecting each drop using air pressure which is extremely low (less than at the top of Everest) and extremely cold temperatures (colder than the artic) they are able to keep the finest part which in normal conditions would simply evaporate.

As you can imagine this isn’t a fast process and so they only make 36 bottles each year and limit each country to only having 6 for sale. The bottle itself has been designed by Loris & Livia as well as a top jeweler Antoine Sandoz. They’ve made products such as the bottles for Chanel and Tom Ford. Don’t be thinking that the bottle is mass made however as each one is hand blown, finished with silver which is hand polished, plated and engraved and then hand painted by a top calligrapher.

Back in late 2015, the general manager of Selfridges Birmingham was said to be thrilled to be able to stock Watenshi gin, however it’s as of April 2016 it’s currently out of stock….so we think this means it’s sold! We’d love to know who the lucky person who bought it is!

Watenshi Gin

The process of making the world’s most expensive bottle of gin

Making the world's most expensive bottle of gin

The finished product, Watenshi Gin, £2000 per 70cl bottleWorld's Most Expensive Gin

Photos courtesy of Cambridge Distillery

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