Would You Try Ant Gin? (Made with actual ants)

We’ve written before about odd gins including the lobster infused gin and this time we’ve come across a gin which has approximately 62 red wood ants inside every single bottle, it’s not purely just infused with ants, it also features flavours of young nettles, spring and angelica.

Behind this unique gin is a collaboration between The Cambridge Distillery and Nordic Food Lab,

Ant GinEach bottle contains approximately 62 red wood ants (Formica rufa), these are found in forests in the northern hemisphere, such a small insect yet they are highly sophisticated, they can communicate using chemical pheromones and they can defend off predators of their colonies by spraying formic acid which they produce in their abdomens (not sure how appealing this ant gin is sounding right now). Luckily it’s this formic acid which reacts well with alcohol to produce some of the unique aromas.

In order to help with the flavour the following botanicals are used including juniper berries, wood avens, nettles and seeds. It also uses 100% organic English wheat in the spirit.
The price for this very anty gin is £200 per bottle, they only produce a small number at a time so you best keep an eye on their website if you want to order one.
The real question is, would you try ant gin


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