You have to visit Copper Rivet Distillery!

Last month I was invited to take a look around Copper River Distillery in Chatham, Kent. I had already tried their delicious Dockyard Gin, so was very excited! Let me tell you why this is such a amazing distillery to visit! 

Firstly, the building and location is very impressive! I wasn’t expecting such a historic and idyllic setting. The distillery is the magnificent Victorian Pump House No. 5, which started its life as a military building draining four dry docks.

I was lucky with the stunning British weather on my visit, which meant I could enjoy a welcome gin and tonic checking out the spectacular view of the Medway. In 2015 Matthew Russell spotted the Pumphouse when visiting Upnor Castle across the river. A year later and the distillery opened it’s doors!

This building was almost like it was made for a distillery! It is one of the nicest distillery tours I have been on. We met Head Distiller Abhi, who explained the process and all the different stills and equipment. They designed a distillery to work for them and therefore it is unique. I particularly enjoyed learning all the different names of the stills, and their gin still is called Janet!

The distillery tour is extremely informative and I loved not only learning about the gin, but a bit about the history of the building and area. There is real care and passion at Copper Rivet Distillery and you learn that just from the fact that these guys make their own neutral grain spirit! I may add this is not only with one grain as well (they really made it more tricky for themselves to make sure the taste was absolutely perfect for us!). The tour through Copper Rivet Distillery is one of the few places in England that you can experience the entire distillation process from grain to glass and ends tasting their crafted spirits!


The Gin

Now onto the gin! As I said, I had already tried Dockyard Gin before and absolutely loved it. Not only is the bottle and branding so perfect for the story of this gin, but it tastes wonderful. I particularly like the citrus and floral notes that come through straight away. Served with grapefruit this is a great gin for the summer months!

Copper Rivet also produce an intriguing (and delicious over ice) “Dockyard Cantia’, which is Damson Wine fortified with gin. Very very special!

There will also be a Whisky available called Masthouse, which will be ready in 2020. However, if you head down there and fancy trying something different, their ‘Son of a Gun’ spirit actually tastes like bananas!

What a wonderful day out! I even had lunch in the Copper Rivet Cafe, which is also just as impressive as the distillery. Amazing deli style food along with a G&T… perfect.


If you would like to visit Copper Rivet Distillery visit their website. The tour lasts about an hour and allows plenty of tasting time!



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