13 Creative Ways to Reuse Those Old Gin Bottles (and Other Alcohol Bottles)

When the last drop has come out of your favourite gin bottle it can be a sad time and a hard one when the last thing you want to do is throw them away. We’ve gathered the best ways to reuse and upcycle those old gin bottles (and any other glass bottle) so you don’t have to ever throw them away again.

So gather all of your empty gin bottles, ask friends for some if you haven’t got any and check out these 13 ingenious and creative ways to put the life back into them.

1. Wireless Lamp


These wireless lamps are very easy to make and look fantastic! Use them in the house or bring them with you when you go camping, you don’t need a plug light them up.
Have fun experimenting with non-transparent bottles to change the colour of the light!
You can get your usb rechargeable light corks from Amazon for just £8.


2. Flower Pot


This one is a little more laborious to make but it is totally worth it! We recommend using succulents as they last a long time and look fantastic.
You’ll need to cut glass to make this one which can be tricky, find out how on this website.
If you arts and crafts skills are of a 3-year-old like mine, you can also buy these on Rentaryan.com and customise it every bit of it to your liking!


3. Flower Vase


This is possibly the most effortless of all and the one that I like the most!
It is the perfect way to display your favorite bottles where you can enjoy them the most around the house.
Just wash up your bottle, fill it with fresh water and pop in your favorite flowers.
These Opihr gin bottles look beautiful! And if you haven’t tried the gin, you really should – especially warm oriental spices flavours are your thing.
Get yourself a Flowers & Spice box to taste it!

4. Soap Dispenser


If you love your gin so much that you’d have a bottle in your bathroom too this is what you need to make…
All you need is a liquid soap dispenser replacement pump you can get on Amazon!
Here are the instructions on how to fit it properly.

5. Bird Feeder


This is such a good idea if you have a garden and have the patience to make things our of wood!
Here are the step by step instructions on how to assemble the bird feeder.

6. Fairy Lights Lamp


I’d love one of these on my bedside table! I like what they have done in to those in the picture with the string to be able to hang them on wall too.
You can make these very easily, all you need are fairy lights bottle caps that you can buy from Amazon for under a tenner!
They are also rechargeable and wireless.

7. Photo Frame

Photo frame bottlesDIY Network

One of the easiest ways to reuse your old gin bottle once empty is to turn it into it’s very own photo frame. I’m sure you’ll have produced many a memory while drinking through the bottle itself so why not replace it by popping in your favourite photo, you can add other things into the bottom weather it’s shells, sand, pebbles, etc to weigh it down and give it stability.


8. Wrap in string

Wrapped in stringFrillyfabulous

A quick and easy upcycling trick, cover in glue and wrap your favourite strings around them, then they can be used as an ornament, flower holder etc.


9. Turn them into chalkboards

Chalkboard recycled bottleSource

Simply paint them in chalkboard paint (available at DIY stores) and then pop them on the side, easy to write messages on, your favourite quotes or anything else. Top tip: Fill them with gravel/stones to make them heavier so they are less likely to fall over.


10. Candle Holder

Candle holders from old bottles


A seriously simple and quick way to make use of those old bottles is simple to stick a candle in the top! When the wax melts and drips down the bottle it gives it a great effect too. Credit to Gastrogays.


11. Tiki torch

Bottle Torch

A long lasting torch which can be refilled, this is a little harder to do than the simple candle option (found at #10) however it does provide a great use for all these old bottles, you can find the instructions on how to do this on Gerardotandco.


12. Cover Them With Glitter

Glitter bottlesGlitter Emporium

Apart from it’s sparkle there isn’t any other reason to do this but we do love them, you can find a useful DIY glitter tutorial here, alternatively you can buy bottles such as the above that are glittered on the outside and still have gin inside.


13. Make a Table Lamp


These really do look fantastic and you’ve got two options to how to go about creating these, the harder option is to do it yourself and guides can be found here, alternatively you can find lamps like the above on places like Etsy, eBay and other websites.



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