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8 Reasons Why Dry GINuary is Better For You Than Dry January

Do of course take the below with a pinch of salt! We are not medical professionals, and the article is intended as entertainment only.

With Dry January being mentioned all over the place we thought we’d give you 8 reasons why DryGinuary (where you spend the month celebrating Gin!) might just be better for you. I’m sure we’ve all read that a small glass of red might be good for you, so now lets see what our favourite friend Gin has to offer!

1. Drinking gin may help stop wrinkles & reduces ageing!

Juniper berries have high levels of antioxidants, which can help you stay healthy, fight wrinkles and keep you looking youthful. We can’t promise drinking gin will directly lead to this but the juniper berry is a powerful little thing that can also help cell regeneration and also reduce inflammation. (source)

2.Gin is Packed full of Botanicals, water isn’t

Juniper berries are not the only natural botanical within gin, many gins are packed full of different botanicals from the likes of citrus peel, cardamom & nutmeg to coriander, star Anise & plenty of others! Each of which have a long list of benefits from healing to relaxation.

3. It’s a low calorie option

Less calories than a can of coke, gin is great option for those wanting an alcoholic drink with one of the lowest calories. A measure (25ml) of Bombay Sapphire for example only contains 59 calories (nutracheck), add a diet tonic and it’ll stay at that the whole drink!

4. Improve the health of your kidneys

All gins contain juniper berries which are often used as a herbal remedy to help improve kidney health, getting involved with #dryginuary may help improve the health of your kidneys.

5. Good for your bones

Some people swear by eating raisins soaked in gin to help relieve pains and inflammations, not only would that be great but gin-soaked raisins are delicious! You could drink milk to help keep your bones strong but why not do both!

6. Its a disease fighter

All those antioxidants from the juniper berries help neutralise free radicals in your system, which can help fight diseases.

8. A boost to your digestive system

When gin is made the herbs that are used can help your liver to breakdown foods by producing more enzymes, the alcoholic nature of gin can also help by creating more acid in your stomach.

8. Live Longer!

Those lovely little juniper berries contain flavonoids, these are wonderful at improving the circulation of your blood and also at preventing heart disease as you age. (Thought do remember, drinking too much has the complete opposite effect!) Plus check out this woman who is over 105 and puts it down to gin!

Several sources have said that Dry January isn’t good if people simply go back to older habits and that moderation can be the key. So a DryGinuary might be a better idea to try better gins but not necessarily more! We do however think it is great when people give up alcohol in order to raise money, Cancer Research run a campaign called Dryathlon in order to raise money.

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Do of course take the above with a pinch of salt! We are not medical professionals, and the article is intended as entertainment only. Drink responsibly. 

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