Reasons Gin Is Better Than A Boyfriend

16 Reasons Gin Is Better Than Men

I’m sure we’ve all had that moment in a relationship where we’ve thought ‘is this it, is he the one? Could I do better, would I be better on my own?’

When you ask yourself this, the answer to it all is … gin!

Let me explain in 16 points:

1. Gin doesn’t make you cry

It won’t stand you up, it won’t look at other girls, your G&T will have it’s full attention on you! You might have cried into a glass of gin before but this is likely the result of a boy and not the gin itself!

Sad then Happy

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2. Gin’s one and only purpose is to make you happy

That’s right, it’s one job is it to make you smile, in fact it’s the juniper that makes your gin has a chemical compound which is similar to cannabis, sure it might not make you high but it’ll make you happy.

3. You can try different one’s and no one will judge you!

Have a different every week or go through 5 different ones in a week, no one make a judgement or brand you.

4. When your best friend sets you up with a ‘new gin’ , it won’t be awkward or creepy, it’ll be fun

Unlike blind dates where it can be the worst few hours of your life.

Creepy Blind Date

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5. Gin won’t mind if you want to ‘spice things up’

Experimenting with different garnishes, new glasses and new methods, it won’t get all scared!

6. It won’t get angry if you speak to an old flame or prefer it

That bottle of your old favourite Mr Gordons Gin is waiting for a guilt free revisit!

7. Gin won’t run a mile when the word commitment is used

It’s been around for over 400 years and it’s getting more popular every year, in fact gin loves commitment if anything!


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8. If you’ve had enough, simply pop it in the cupboard… you can’t do that with a boyfriend.

9. You can make your own at home… you can’t make your own boyfriend!

10. Your mates totally understand if you just want to stay in with your gin

Gin for all

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11. You can pick up a new one at the local shops!

12. You can have a wide selection of gins available to you whenever you want, not just one.

13. Gin doesn’t watch football, isn’t messy and doesn’t make stains!

14. It’s beautiful and it’ll always be there for you!

15. There’s always a gin for everyone!

16. Finally, it will always satisfy you


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