Gin Quotes

20 Gin Quotes You Can Definitely Relate To

If you hadn’t guessed already we love gin and if you’re anything like us you’ll be able to relate to one or two of these quotes. Maybe you’ll relate to all of them or maybe you’re friend is a bit of a gin lover and they’ll relate to them so feel free to share it with them.

The classic Gin and Tonic diet!

Gin diet

For the times when a cup of tea just won’t do.Gin or Tea

Source: NOTHS

I’m sure someone just said it.
Did someone say G&T?

Morning wake up
Gin Before Breakfast

This is our favourite new word!

Gin New Word

Source: NOTHS

Sometimes I feel my routine is simply to…

Eat sleep gin repeat

We totally feel like this

Gin is important

If I had enough gin…
Gin and ruling the world

When you wish you had a G&TMay contain gin

Source: NOTHS

For when you do love Gin a little bit too much
I love you slightly less

Our favourite of the bunch
Life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic When you start hearing the word Gin when it’s not been saidGin did you mean gym Being the first one to say itGin O'clockOur new favourite day of the week
Gin and tonic thursday

All hail the gin

Gin Sanity

Source: Etsy

We do love this

Gin and Bear it This often happens to us tooGin Fruit Salad Very trueGin and Tonic, Cheaper than therapy A temporary solution we love

Gin Temporary Solution

and finally who says size doesn’t matter!Size matters


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