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6 Bonfire Night Gin Cocktails you have to try!

Halloween is now over and it’s time for Bonfire Night. We can stop wearing scanty costumes and start wearing our coats again – with the added benefit of standing next to a huge fire while watching some fireworks! Sounds great to me!

Want to mark the occasion with some fab Bonfire Night inspired gin cocktails? Keep reading for recipes that you can enjoy at home or take in a flask to your nearest firework display!

1. Toasted Collins

What screams Bonfire Night more than roasted marshmallows?!

50ml Slingsby Rhubarb Gin
Fresh lime
Ginger Ale

To Garnish
Carmelized lemon wheel
Roasted marshmallow

Muddle ½ a lime in a Collins glass
Add the gin and fill with ice
Top with ginger ale


2. Gin Punch

Image & Recipe by: Gin Foundry

Are you heading out with a big group of people but want something a bit fancier to drink than a crate of beer?
Make this Silent Pool Gin Punch and enjoy Bonfire Night with your friends in style …

200ml Silent Pool Gin
200ml sherry
200ml cranberry juice
The peel of one lemon, studded with cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
1 apple cut into wheels
1-2 pieces star anise
A pinch of ground nutmeg
3 tbsp molasses (or brown sugar)

To Garnish
6 – 10 dehydrated orange wheels (learn how to dehydrate your fruits here!)
1 cinnamon stick per glass

Add the lemon, cinnamon, apple, star anise, nutmeg and molasses to a pan with cranberry juice and heat, slowly, for around 20 minutes, allowing all of the flavours to infuse
Once this is near boiling, turn the stove down to its minimum heat and add the sherry
Cook through for another 10 minutes, then add in the gin
Keep on the stove for another 3 – 5 minutes
Serve and enjoy!


3. Gin Hot Toddy

This would be a fab cocktail to warm your cockles while watching the fireworks outside!
Why not make it at home then pop it in a flask for easy transporting?

50ml Pink Pepper Gin
Boiled Water (about 50ml)
20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

To Garnish
A pinch of crushed Pink Peppercorns
Orange slice (dehydrated is best – follow our easy instructions for them here!)

Add 50ml of gin in a teacup, small mug or heatproof glass
Top up with about 50ml of recently boiled water
Squeeze some runny honey in and add 20ml of fresh lemon (you can add more honey if you like more sweetness)
Top up with more hot water if your cup isn’t filled
Stir and add your garnishes of pink peppercorns and orange
TOP TIP: A cinnamon stick or star anise are also delicious as garnishes in a hot toddy.


4. nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin
with Fentimans Ginger Beer

This is essentially a luxury G&T – but Bonfire Night only comes around once a year so why not?!
We cannot recommend nginious!’s Smoked & Salted Gin enough – it’s the perfect Bonfire Night Gin and absolutely delicious

50ml nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin
100-150ml Fentimans Ginger Beer

To Garnish
A sliced kumquat
Sprig of thyme

Add 50ml of the gin to you glass/cup that has been filled with ice
Top with ginger beer (we’d recommend around 100-150ml)
Garnish & enjoy!

5. Gunpowder Plot Mar-Tea-ni

Image & Recipe by: Portobello Road Gin

Are you heading out with a big group of people but wanted something a bit fancier than a crate of beer?
Make this Silent Pool Gin Punch and enjoy Bonfire Night in style …

35ml Portobello Road Gin (P.R. use Director’s Cut No.02)
50ml Brewed Gunpowder Tea (P.R. recommend Whittards)
10ml lemon juice
10ml cinnamon syrup

To Garnish
Anise star
Lemon wheel
Orange twist

Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker
Shake & strain
Garnish with the anise star, lemon wheel & orange twist
Dust with ‘gunpowder’ (Gunpowder tea blended with fine sugar)


6. Gunpowder on Fire

Image & Recipe by: Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

Can we really have a list of Bonfire Night inspired cocktails without including Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin?! I think not!
The chilli heat would definitely warm you up during the cold Bonfire Night…

40ml Gunpowder Irish Gin
140ml Premium Tonic (we’d recommend Fentimans)

To Garnish
A whole red chilli pepper
Fresh mango slices

Fill the glass with ice
Add the gin
Top with tonic
Garnish and enjoy!


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