gin makes you live longer

Drinking Gin Can Help You Live To 105 Years Old

Want to hit the big milestone of 100 years old and even keep going? Then the secret might very well be gin!

The Scotsman reported on a grandmother living in Glasgow who hit the wonderful age of 105 years old in November last year, a fantastic achievement and Ina Carruthers regularly enjoys “gin and orange juice”, could this be the secret to living to an old age, well we really hope so! The grandmother told the newspaper that she attended dance classes on a Monday night and would regularly have the gin & orange juice.

Ina celebrating 105 years

Ina celebrating 105 years (source: HEMEDIA)

Born in 1910, she worked as a machinist helping the war effort during WW2 and she worked her way up to become an engineer. She also got lucky and had a great salary (3 times that of others) so she was able to treat herself, she married her late husband in Glasgow and had three children, she explained her great age was down to ‘working hard and playing hard’ , she says that you have to treat yourself and one of her favourite treats is her gin and juice. To this day she still enjoys some gin while she is in her care home.

So is it really true that drinking gin will keep you living longer? Well there is no definite proof however the University College London did a study and found that consuming 5 measures of spirits each week for those woman over 65 decreased their chance of dying by 27%. So maybe it is fine to have a few extra gins this week!

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