Gin & Lemon Yogurt is Here… It Is Now Acceptable to Have Gin for Breakfast!

Us, true gin lovers, never had a problem drinking a G&T before 5pm. But what if it now became widely acceptable to have gin for breakfast?

Well… we have got good news for you! You can now buy a Lemon and Gin Yogurt which is relatively healthy and, yes, it contains REAL GIN 😋



If you love yogurt and you’d eat one big a tub per day like me, you’d better get your hands on one of these!

Rachel’s Organic just launched this new flavour to celebrate 25 years of retailing at Sainsbury’s, where it is sold exclusively, and it is delicious.



What are you waiting for? Go grab some your local Sainsbury’s and bring it to work, we are sure you’ll have the most fun morning ever, until the hangover kicks in!



You know what else is perfect this summer…?

…a monthly delivery of gin & tonics! Well that’s exactly what we do, we send you a box each month with two exciting new gins and two unique tonic/mixers, enough to make 4 G&Ts for just £14 inc delivery (or £3.50 a single G&T as you can think of it), it’s a great way to try new gins as well as tonics without having to buy full size bottles. Sound interesting? We’d love you to try us out for just £9 inc delivery for your first box!

Try us out: Get your first box for just £9 including delivery, no contract, you can cancel at any time! Use code: JULY6 in the checkout at (clicking the link automatically will add the coupon to your basket)

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