Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale with Gin?!

Franklin & Sons products were first introduced in the victorian times – 1886 in London to be exact! That is 133 years of making high quality recipes made from delicious hand-picked ingredients…

The Story


The 3 brothers George, Albert and Frederick Franklin had the idea to create delicious soft drinks. From the very start they were renowned for their home-brewed Ginger Beer, the recipe for which was a closely guarded secret. Their bottles were produced in returnable glass, stoneware and soda siphons, some of which are still in existence today!

After a decade of success, the founding trio left and and Frederick II took over, hence the name Franklin & Sons. Around the 1930, he introduced innovative flavours inspired by the Americans travelling to London sourcing the best ingredients from all over the world.

In 1989, the mill was bought by a bigger company and ceased to exist. Although Franklin & Sons is not a family business anymore, the ethos of making high quality recipes made from delicious hand-picked ingredients continues today in the new range of premium tonics and mixers.

Today’s range was developed to ensure the flavours are well balanced and bring out the best in spirits. The foundation of the Franklin & Sons tonic and mixer range is Staffordshire water and finest British sugar with the highest carbonation possible to lift the most delicate botanicals of any spirit. The range only uses natural flavours, extracts and colours and never include preservatives or sweeteners.


The Range

Ginger Ale

Award-winning ginger ale using sparkling Staffordshire spring water, steeped ginger and natural British sugar. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

Tasting notes: A wonderful blend of natural ginger flavours, which serve to enhance flavoured gins due to its clean and light heat. We love it with Old Tom Gins!



Tonic Water

A delicate blend of sparkling Staffordshire spring water, natural cinchona bark extract from Ecuador and the finest British sugar. The recipe is inspired by the original tonic developed by the Franklins family back in the day. When drank, it opens with a lively effervescence, delivering a sweet aroma and refreshing crisp taste, subtly bitter and helps to carry the taste of the finest spirits in balance across the palate.


Today’s range was developed to ensure the flavours are well balanced and bring out the best in spirits. Not only do they have a wonderful selection of 9 core tonics and mixers, but they also have their ‘Flavour Collection‘.

The Flavour Collection is a unique range of four dual-flavoured tonic waters developed alongside industry mixologists, to compliment the finest spirits. Created by uniting Staffordshire spring water, the finest British sugar, Ecuadorian cinchona bark and specially sourced ingredients. The tonics are carbonated to the highest possible level, to lift even the most delicate botanicals and flavours in spirits.

Enhancing gin, as well as a variety of spirits, aperitifs and fortified wines. The Collection grants you unlimited opportunities to experiment and explore flavour when mixing with Franklin & Sons!

You can pick up the new flavours range form your local Co-op, or online:


Read more about the full Franklin & Sons range on their website


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