Mixers made for your spirit!

Sekforde was born out of Talula’s mission to enjoy long drinks with her favourite spirits. She felt the market was missing lighter, fresher options that complemented and lengthened rather than overpowered them. We love experimenting with different gins with these mixers!


The story

Sekforde Tailored Mixers were created with mixing in mind.

In her kitchen on Sekforde Street, hence the name (for a bit of trivia, it’s a street in Farringdon and it’s the same street as the bank Charles Dickens’ used to bank at: No. 10 and a half – very Harry Potter).

The core principle was to ensure partnership with the spirit, the flavour combinations are unique, the flavours are delicate and they are low in sugar (between 30 – 36 cals per 200ml).

First came the whisky and bourbon mixer, then the rum. This was closely followed by an alternative to tonic for gin and vodka. Finally, the range was completed with a mixer for tequila and mezcal.

Sekforde is the world’s first and only range of low sugar, low calorie, 100% natural botanical mixers tailored to unlock the flavour in your favourite spirits.

Although the team have spent many a pleasurable hour tailoring Sekforde mixers to their related spirits, everyone’s tastes are unique, so they are great to experiment with!

The mixers


Tailored to mix with gin or vodka

A sparkling blend of raspberry, rose and sage botanical extracts. Soft sweetness from aromatic raspberry and rose balanced with a silvery hint of sage on the finish. Complements gin’s juniper notes and vodka’s crystalline purity.





Tailored to mix with whisky and bourbon… or works well with Cask Aged and Old Tom Gins.

A sparkling blend of sicilian orange, rosemary and gentian botanical extracts. The toasted grain sweetness of whisky is rounded out with the warm and rich sicilian orange, while the spicy oak cask finish is lengthened by a unique blend of dry bitters – rosemary and gentian.




Tailored to mix with tequila and mezcal

A sparkling blend of prickly pear, fig and cardamom botanical extracts. This mixer is based on the principle of ‘what grows together, goes together’ (prickly pear and fig trees grow beside agave plants). Here, the prickly pear and fig deliver understated honeyed notes, complementing the smoky sweetness in agave based spirits. While cardamom layers with the spicier finish unique to tequila and mezcal.




Tailored to mix with rum

A sparkling blend of lime, mint and cacao botanical extracts. Lime and mint extracts give a fresh, sophisticated edge to the rounded sweetness of rum, while the finish is lengthened with Ecuadorian cacao bitters.

To find out more about Sekforde Tailored Mixers, head to their website.


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