The London Essence Company mixers are delicious!

Established in 1896 but refreshed in 2016, the London Essence Company is the first “all-light” mixer collection. Delicately light, with naturally sourced sweetness, this allows the distinct notes of its spirit partner to shine through.

The Story

The London Essence Company is brought to you by WiseHead Productions, a venture dedicated to delivering creatively crafted drinks that deliver time and time again. Whilst exploring the archives of Britvic, they discovered the history of the company, which was built with a reputation for distilling the true flavour of fine fruits and botanicals.


Art & Alchemy

Inspired by the craft and inventiveness of the original firm, today the mixers are carefully calibrated using distillation techniques, a touch of imagination and suggestions from leading London bartenders.

Distilling the true flavour of fine fruits and botanicals, these mixers are of real quality. Each mixer contains a distilled essence, known as a ‘distillate’, to deliver distinctive aromatic signature notes.


The collection 

Classic London Tonic Water 

The Classic London Tonic features the London Essence signature juniper distillate, and delivers a premium offering that is designed to perfectly enhance the main feature of the drink, the spirit.

By steeping juniper berries for up to a week prior to distillation, this method captures the full range of the juniper aromatics into an essence.

The juniper note allows the elegance of your chosen tipple to seep through, aided by a delicate level of sweetness.

Aroma: pine and citrus notes.
Taste: zesty lemon and lime peel combined with fresh pine, thyme and a juniper finish.


Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water 

The notes within this truly aromatic tonic are created by capturing the fresh zing from cold pressed grapefruit oils.

This distilled rosemary essence, crafted through a traditional swan neck process, is then skilfully blended to deliver a herbal edge to the tonic.

As with the rest of the collection, this tonic is also delicately light, with just a dusting of sugar and a touch of sweetness extracted from the stevia plant.

Aroma: fruity aroma that is well balanced by the herbaceous edge of the rosemary.
Taste: tangy grapefruit and rosemary notes, with sharp citrus and light yet bitter quinine finish.


Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic Water

Blood orange oils and a rich bitter orange tincture are artfully blended to provide the base for this Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic.

A gentle floral distilled essence is added, created by steeping and gently heating elderflowers to capture their aromatic vapour.

The subtle sweetness of the elderflower distillate is perfectly paired with the tangy citrus notes of the bitter orange to provide depth of flavour.

Aroma: tangy and fresh orange with subtle elderflower notes.
Taste: Bitter and tangy orange notes, with a floral and honeyed finish.
Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic Water

The citrus burst of this refreshingly light tonic is created by blending the fresh zing of a pomelo extract with cold pressed grapefruit oils.

To this they add a gentle spice of distilled pink peppercorn essence, created by gently heating the pink peppercorns in water to release the aromatic oils.

As with the rest of the collection, this tonic is also light and low in calories, with just a dusting of sugar. The perfect way to enliven citrus forward gins for an added pink lift.

Aroma: A fresh citrus burst with just a hint of spice

Taste: A refreshing combination of tangy grapefruit notes, a delicately spiced pepper note and a sharp citrus and lightly bitter quinine finish.


For more information check out the London Essence Company website.


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