This Device Turns Tap Water Into Gin

We’re very proud to announce a brand new product that we’ve been working on at ILoveGin headquarters that makes pouring yourself a G&T as easy as turning on the tap! Our special tap fitting combines botanicals and powered alcohol with a filtration and mixing system to literally provide gin on tap at home! The device will retail at £89 and cartridges will cost £10-15 with each cartridge able to produce 1 litre of 40% gin.

This patented system works by mixing botanicals with powdered alcohol at a perfect ratio, the system combines this with tap water which passes through our special filters and then is combined with the alcohol and botanicals to produce gin which has an alcohol percentage of 40%. The system can simply be turned on by the press of a button on the tap, pressing it again will turn it off and you can use the tap as you normally would to deliver water.

Here at ILoveGin we know the importance of good tasting gin, we work with hundreds of different gin companies and know that botanicals are the key to making a good gin great, that’s why we’ve developed a unique easy switch cartridge system meaning you can order different ones to put into your device and they will produce different tasting gins. You’ll be able to pick from an existing range of stock gin cartridges, we’ve also teamed up with a range of well known gin brands so you can have your favourite gin on tap. We also have a ‘create your own’ gin option where you can select up to 7 different botanicals of your choice to be included in the cartridge.

Technical information:

  • Device will retail at £89 and come with 1 stock cartridge
  • Additional cartridges are available from £10-15 per cartridge
  • Each cartridge produces 1 litre of min 37% alc gin
  • The device can be installed easily in 10 minutes

For more information and to pre-order please email us here.

And for the real G&T fan, how about Gin AND Tonic on tap?

As we were developing the ILoveGin Gin Tap we also invested time and money into developing a full system to produce a ready-to-drink Gin & Tonic from your tap! Two linked systems firstly infuse your botanicals and add powdered alcohol to the water, and then carbonate additional water and infuse quinine to create a classic indian tonic. The result is a perfect G&T directly from your tap! (gin to tonic ratio can be set on the cartridge itself)

This system is more complicated due to the quinine carbonation element but uses the same cartridge system as above. Please note that this device requires installation by a plumber.

The device is priced at £180 exc vat and installation. Botanical/Gin cartridges are £10-15 and produce 1 litre of gin (20 x double measures) and Quinine Carbonation cartridges are £20 and can produce approx 20 litres (100 x 200ml tonic serves)

Technical information:

triflow system

Don’t forget to share this with your fellow gin loving friends as we will initially only have a limited number of units available for sale.

For any press related information please use the contact us page.


Want to try other new G&Ts at home?

Then head to and you can get a new box like the ones below delivered every month for just £14. A great way to discover new gins and mixers without having to buy full size bottles!


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