The Ultimate Pick Up Lines to Get to a Gin Lover’s Heart

In case you haven’t got your date sorted for Valentine’s day yet.. Here is a little help to make a fellow Gin lover fall in love with you. Blame the alcohol if these don’t work 😝

The Smooth

Do you know what you and Gin have in common? You both make my head spin.

The Romantic

You are the Gin to my Tonic.

The Dancer

If you were a Gin and Tonic I’d give you a twist.

The Politician

Sorry, but you owe me a G&T. [Why?] Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.

The Geek

Would you like a Gin and platonic, or do you prefer Scotch and sofa?

The Poet

Roses are red, gin is white, how long should I wait to take you home tonight?

The Control Freak

Hey girl, I would buy you a G&T but then I’d be jealous of the glass.

The Alcoholic

You know… the more G&Ts I drink, the prettier you get!

The Gold Digger

I just want to let you know how beautiful you are and was wondering if you could buy me a G&T?


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