We love Folkington’s range of mixers!

Folkington’s is a Sussex based drinks company which produces fruit juices, drinks and mixers. They have an amazing range of delicious mixers to pair with your favourite gins. We love the fact that these come in handy packs for your fridge too!

The Story

Folkington’s was founded in 2012 by Paul Bendit after 12 years of developing premium and innovative soft drinks. The ambition in creating the Folkington’s brand was to replicate the authenticity and provenance that stand behind fine wines (“terroir”) into a range of fruit juices and soft drinks.

So every year, each Folkington’s product is made from the same varieties of fruit sourced from the same farmers, or farming co-operatives. This means the taste and quality is always to a really high standard! It also helps provide a sustainable income paid back into the communities from which the fruits originate.

The fruit is sourced mainly from British farms! From all their apples, pears, rhubarb, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cucumber, mint and rosemary, while their Elderflowers grow wild across the English countryside.



Folkington’s originally launched as Folkington’s Juices, but now has a range of sparkling drinks (Folkington’s Garden) and a range of tonic waters and other mixers based on small batch botanicals (Folkington’s Artisan Mixers).

Folkington’s have a wonderful range of mixers that work perfectly with gin! Not only do these come in bottles, but also in handy cans which are the perfect size to top up your gin (and to grab from the fridge).

Folkington’s Mixer Range



Folkington’s Indian Tonic Water is made from a blend of natural quinine (from Indian cinchona bark) with citrus and floral botanical extracts made in small batches.






Folkington’s Perfectly Light Indian Tonic water has 33% fewer calories while still containing the natural quinine (from India) and other small batch citrus and floral botanicals in our regular Indian tonic water. Lightly sweetened with fruit sugar makes this a healthier option.







Bergamot, the bitter orange from the toe of Italy (Calabria), is the essential Earl Grey ingredient that we have used in this unique tonic water. Blending the oil from the fruit with a little black tea produces a wonderful smokey finish to a G&T.







Folkington’s English Garden Tonic Water is a unique twist on our traditional Indian tonic water and is made with herbal botanicals from the typical English garden.

To find out about more of Folkington’s delicious drinks, check out their website


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