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Founded in 1847, Lamb & Watt produced the finest cordials and syrups of its day. Now they make a delicious and refreshing range of tonic mixers made with organic blue agave, natural ingredients and spring water sourced in the English Lake District.


The Story

When Lamb & Watt first produced cordials and syrups of its day, they only selected the very best ingredients to enhance each drink and upholding quality was key. Swing forward to today, and the range of tonic waters are flavoured by using the finest natural ingredients and are sweetened by organic blue agave. Their water source has been flowing from the Willow Spring of Cartmel for over 800 years and is drawn from a prehistoric willow forest where the peat has combined with a layer of limestone, giving it a smooth taste, ensuring that are as refreshing and packed full of flavour as can be!

Along with their Original Tonic, other flavours include Hibiscus, Basil and Cucumber. We love them all!

The Range


A true classic style of tonic. The astringency and bitterness of the quinine are perfectly balanced with sweetness, making for a lightly effervescent tonic that can be drunk over ice, with gin or as a 50:50 split with white wine for a Spritz.





Made with natural ingredients, such as quinine from the Cinchona Tree and organic Blue agave for sweetness, Lamb & Watt is a distinctive, refreshing reduced calorie alternative you can enjoy on its own or as a mixer.





Floral notes open with a delicious charge of sweetness. Slight tartness follows yet allowing the hibiscus note to develop into a long candied finish. Great for dry and herb infused gins.





A refreshing, almost palate cleansing tonic that leaves the mouth with a fresh zing, reminiscent of a bite of a Granny Smith apple.

Beautiful served over ice with a lime squeeze or add to your favourite cucumber based gin, serve with ice and slice of cucumber.





Beautiful and herbaceous yet with a hit of quinine that leaves you in no doubt that you are drinking a tonic. The basil lasts well leaving behind a satisfying dry finish.

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