You will love these Italian gins! 🇮🇹

Ginato gins are distilled with passion, using the entire length and breadth of Italy, sourcing the finest grapes, juniper berries and citrus fruit. We love these Italian gins and are sure you will too!

The Story

Ginato have a range of refreshingly bright citrus-flavoured gins from Italy, incorporating juniper berries from the rolling hills of Tuscany, as well as the finest Italian-grown grapes from the north of the country. The addition of grapes certainly adds a unique twist!

The classic Italian gin is blended with ripe, juicy citrus from the sunny south, to create four delicious gins that elude the true essence of Italy.

Blessed with over 50 years of distilling heritage, the distillery is situated in Ravenna, within the northern Italian province of Emilia Romagna, a diverse region home to seaside towns, historic cites and incredible Italian food!


The Gins

Ginato Pinot Grigio (Sicilian Citrus & Pinot Grigio Grape)

A medium dry gin made with Pinot Grigio grape, Sicilian citrus and Tuscan juniper berries. Expect strong lemon tings enhanced by hints of pear and grapefruit with a distinct honeyed finish.

Fresh, light and every bit as bright as its wine namesake. Perfect with tonic and a lemon wedge to garnish.



Ginato Clementino  (Clementine Orange & Nebbiolo Grape)

A bright and vibrant gin made with Nebbiolo grape, Italian clementine orange and Tuscan juniper berries. Leads with a floral and orange peel aroma that makes way to flavours of fresh clementine, cherry and rose with hints of lingering grapefruit on the finish.

Light, bright and every bit as perfect with Sicilian lemonade as it is with tonic.


Ginato Pompelmo (Pink Grapefruit & Sangiovese Grape)

A bittersweet gin made with Sangiovese grape, Italian pink grapefruit and Tuscan juniper berries. Opens with a heady aroma and flavour of crisp fresh pink grapefruit that mellows through red cherry to a creamy fruit salad finish.

Enjoy with tonic – every bit as refreshing as its Italian summer looks.



Ginato Melograno (Pomegranate & Barbera Grape)

A flavoursome and bright gin made with Barbera grape, Italian pomegranate and Tuscan juniper berries. Welcomes you with a sweet floral aroma that flows to a rich, yet light bodied flavour that carries subtle pomegranate fused with strawberry and sour cherry. Finishes with a punch of fruit salad.

Rich, sweet and as fresh as an Italian summer morning. Perfect with tonic, splendid with Prosecco.


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