Berry Gins

Gin has become an incredibly divergent spirit, gin lovers now able to appreciate the tipple in a range of different variations – including a wide assortment of flavours and infusions.

Berry gins have become a well-loved branch of the spirit, with blackberry, blueberry, rhubarb and raspberry flavours filling our virtual shelves here at ILoveGin. One of the defining ingredients in gin itself is even a berry – the juniper berry.

Here, ILoveGin explores the world of berry gins, including popular types, the mixers that work best with them, and where to find them.

Why Does Gin Have Juniper Berries in It?


Juniper plays a huge part in gin – in fact, throughout E.U. states, in order to be classified as a gin the drink has to contain juniper berries. What’s more, this classification also requires juniper to be the predominant flavour in the drink – otherwise it isn’t gin.




Flavoured gin, or gin liqueurs, aren’t in the same category as traditional gin, as their predominant flavours characteristically aren’t gin but rather other often refreshing and delicious flavours.


Types of Berry Gin


There are a wide range of different berry flavoured gins, some of our favourites including the following:

Each of these gins have their own inspirations and innovative stories behind them, which you can read about on our blog – exploring their founder’s story, their creation and more.


Wild Berry Gin


For those wanting a natural berry flavour to their gin, Mór Wild Berry Gin may be just what you’re looking for.


Mor botanicals


This gin has been expertly crafted to offer a refreshing burst of botanicals; Blackberries, Raspberries and Cranberries infused with Coriander, Angelica Root, Rosemary and Juniper.

The taste is described to start with an earthy tone, the rosemary and coriander being dominant flavours here, after which the sweet, juicy taste of berries refreshes the mouth, finished delicately with a peppery hint.


What Mixes Well with Wild Berry Gin?


What mixes best with a wild berry gin will depend entirely on the gin in question. Taking the Mór Wild Berry Gin as an example, ILoveGin recommend the following serve:

  • Ice (and plenty of it!)
  • A wedge of grapefruit
  • A premium tonic water

However, this isn’t the only serve we’ve found to work fantastically well, The Mór Wild Berry Gin making it into our subscription box “The Emerald Isle Box”, with a recommended serve of Poacher’s Citrus Tonic, raspberries and finished off with a squeeze of lime.


Buy Berry Gin


You can find a range of different berry gins with ILoveGin, our shop including those explored throughout this article, as well as Greenall’s Blueberry Gin and Slingsby Gooseberry Gin.

Want to explore berry gins? Why not visit our shop to explore our collection of fantastic gin bottles.


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