Cherry Gin

While traditional gin is a timeless classic, the rise in colourful flavoured gins bursting with fun and alternative tastes is a refreshing trend, perfect for the upcoming summer. Here, ILoveGin takes a look at cherry gin, exploring the different types currently available, the perfect mixers and where you can find it.

What is Cherry Gin?

Cherry gin often refers to a type of flavoured gin with the dominant taste being (that’s right, you guessed it!) cherry.




There are a number of different cherry flavoured gins available, offering up wonderfully sweet tastes – for example, the JJ Whitley Pink Cherry Gin offers an aroma of fresh orange almonds, its tasting notes going on to describe this initial sweetness as “leading into marzipan, sour cherry and juniper on the palate.” 

“The finish is smooth with cherry, almond and a little lingering spice.”

Cherry flavoured gin is different from traditional gins – which have to hold a dominating flavour of juniper in order to be classed as such. Cherry gin in comparison will not typically hold junipers as the dominating flavour, and instead have cherry as its defining taste.


What Mixes Well With JJ Whitley Pink Cherry Gin?

The suggested simple serve for JJ Whitley Pink Cherry Gin is as follows:


  • 50ml JJ Whitley Pink Cherry Gin
  • Cubed ice
  • 1 spoonful of cherry syrup
  • Premium tonic water
  • 2 cherries (to garnish)
  • Served in a highball glass


The serve recommends adding the 50ml of cherry gin to the glass, already filled with the ice, topping this up with the tonic before adding the cherry syrup and stirring this all in thoroughly. After this, garnish with the 2 cherries.


How Many Calories Are in Gin?

The amount of calories in 25ml of gin mixed with tonic can come to around 97 calories, however, the calories can vary from gin-to-gin. Gin has been known as a low-cal tipple of choice, its calorie count often being notably lower than other popular alcoholic beverages.




For example, a pint of cider can amount to 216 calories, while a 175ml glass of wine can come to 159.

Another thing to factor in when considering gin as a low-calories beverage option is to be aware of the mixers you include in this. Low calories tonics, as their name suggests, can substantially reduce the number of calories included in your G&T when compared to regular tonics – 100ml Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water coming to 35.61kcal, while 100ml of Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Indian Tonic Water comes to 15kcal. Read about how many calories are in a gin and tonic.


Where Can I Buy Cherry Gin?

You can find Cherry Gin in our shop, the JJ Whitley Pink Cherry Gin explored throughout this article selling for £18.99 (for a 70cl bottle).

To find out more on cherry gins, and other flavoured gins, why not also explore our Gin Club (UK delivery only), members receiving two new gins straight to their door each month, along with information around the chosen gins and complimenting mixers.

You can join the club for just £14 per month, with the option to cancel or pause your payments at anytime.

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