The David and Goliath Story of Tiger Gin

The story of Tiger Gin starts with a battle against a multi-billion pound Global empire… which they won! This says everything about the character of this British company and its gin 😉

The Story

JJ Lawrence, a Shropshire Lad with a passion for gin, started the company 4 years ago when, while sipping on a good G&T, he decided to follow his passion.

He began to research the world of botanicals and distillation and became obsessed with the idea of producing his own gin. Soon after he started, he realised that to make a great tasting gin, becoming a qualified distiller was not enough.

JJ sourced the best distiller to take on the job of creating Tiger. A family owned business located just 30 mins away from his home in England with nearly 100 years of distilling experience.

He worked closely with the Master distiller and in early 2016, Tiger Gin launched on the market!

The Big Challenge

It was when the name of the gin was registered that things didn’t go as smooth as the taste of Tiger gin.

The last thing that JJ expected was to end up in court with Heineken Asia Pacific PTE who challenged the trademark deeming it too similar to their Tiger Beer.

JJ stood his ground and with the determination and strength of a Tiger won the battle over the name!



The Botanicals in the Gin

Tiger Gin is not one made with weird botanicals that you have probably never head of. While the recipe and taste are still quite unique, the botanicals and distillation are traditional.

Only the best ingredients are harvested around the world at their prime time and blended with the purest water and finest neutral British grain spirit. No artificial flavourings are added, Tiger gin is all natural.

The hero botanicals are Juniper berries from the Balkans with their strong aroma. Some others include: coriander seeds to add depth and complexity, cut and dried Angelica root from France/Belgium, dried sweet lemon and orange peels from Spain, cassia bark from China, liquorice root powder from the Mediterranean (key for the sweet note you find in this gin, ground nutmeg from the West Indies, cinnamon Bark from Madagascar, orris root powder from Italy and a couple of others that JJ keeps secret.

The Tasting Notes

Tiger Gin is bottled at a strength of 40% – you would never guess if you drank it neat, even when warm. Exceptionally smooth and sweet, closer to an Old Tom rather than a London Dry.

To taste it is juniper heavy at first, then the liquorice comes through with the sweetness that characterises it. The finish is warm but citrusy thanks to the use of the coriander seed, cassia and cinnamon, orange and lemon peel.

So, is it good? Well… check these out!



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