Does Gin Help with Weight Loss?

If you’re trying to lose weight, but don’t want to cut out alcohol, gin can be a great low-calorie option to consider.

Losing weight can often mean eating less and moving about more, lowering your calorie intake while making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need. Alcoholic beverages are known as “empty” calories, meaning they offer little nutrients but come with a fair number of calories. However, while alcohol doesn’t exactly help in aiding a nutritional diet, you can still lose weight without having to cut alcohol out of your diet entirely.


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Is Gin Okay to Drink on a Diet?

Gin can be a great low-calorie alcoholic beverage for those looking to cut back when on a diet. However, it’s important to always drink alcohol in moderation – not only for those looking to shed a couple of pounds, but also for your health in general.




To see the calorie difference between gin and other alcoholic drinks, below is a list of popular tipples and their calorie count, found on the NHS website – https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/alcohol-support/calories-in-alcohol/

  • Glass of wine (175ml, 12%) – 133kcal
  • Beer (1 pint, 5%) – 239kcal
  • Cream liqueur (50ml, 17%) – 153kcal
  • Alcopop (330ml, 4%) – 172kcal
  • Gin (50ml, 40%) – 95kcal

While gin can help those who want to lose weight cut back on the calorie count of their alcoholic drinks, if you’re on a specific type of diet it’s important to check not only the foods but also the drinks you can and cannot have.


Can You Drink Gin and Tonic on a Keto Diet?

Yes, you can drink gin and a low-carb tonic on a keto diet. Gin is seen as a “Keto-friendly” drink as it doesn’t have any carbs. Other pure, carb-free forms of alcohol – e.g., vodka, whiskey and rum – are also okay to drink on a keto diet.

It’s also important to opt for low-carb mixers to use with keto-friendly drinks. These can include diet soda drinks, seltzers and sugar-free tonic waters. These types of mixers can help to minimise the carb content of your drinks.


Vodka vs Gin for Weight Loss

It’s been reported that there’s no significant difference in the calorie or carb-content of vodka and gin. Therefore, in general, both are equally as adequate for helping people cut down on their caloric intake when trying to lose weight.

Both gin and vodka have a calorie count just under 100 calories per 50ml. Therefore, when deciding which drink to opt for the calorie count doesn’t have to factor into it – you can simply pick whichever one you fancy best!


How Many Calories Are in a Gin and Diet Tonic?

A gin and tonic using 50ml of gin (95kcal) and 100ml of Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Indian Tonic Water (15kcal) comes to 110kcal.


gin and tonic


Having a gin and diet tonic, rather than a gin with regular tonic water, can help to cut down the calorie count in your drink – a gin and Indian Tonic Water with the same measurements (50ml and 100ml respectively) coming to 130.61kcal.

One common difference between regular and diet tonic water is that regular tonic is likely to contain sugar, while diet tonic uses alternative sweeteners. Find out more on how many calories are in a gin and tonic and other favourite drinks by following the link.


Gin on a Diet – the Dos and Don’ts

Here are a few important dos and don’ts that could be beneficial to adopt when drinking gin on a diet:


  • Drink responsibly
  • Use low-calorie mixers
  • Drink in moderation
  • Eat a healthy meal before drinking alcohol to reduce temptation for unhealthy options after you’ve had a drink


  • Think that gin can boost your metabolism – (the renowned study by Latvia’s University of Sigulda a few years back was an April Fool’s Day joke!)
  • Use mixers with high levels of sugar
  • Binge drink
  • Drink on an empty stomach

Gin is a great low-calorie option for those wanting to lose weight, with a range of different types to choose from, catering to various tastes and preferences. You can explore a whole host of fantastic gins via our gin shop, or, to discover new gins every month why not sign up for ILoveGin’s Gin Club.

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