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Gin distilled in the City of London 🇬🇧

The City of London Distillery brought gin distilling back to the City in 2012 after an absence of nearly 200 years. These multi-award winning gins don’t just look beautiful, they taste beautiful too!

The Story

The City of London has a rich gin history. During the Gin Craze in the 18th century there was a gin distillery or gin shop in every street in the City benefiting from the spices and citrus fruits coming in to the port of London.

When the Gin Craze ended, very few gin distilleries survived, and for nearly 200 years there wasn’t a single gin distillery in the City. That is until the City of London Distillery opened in 2012.

The City of London Distillery opened on 20th December 2012 inside Jonathan Clark’s cocktail bar in Bride Lane, within the City of London.

The production of gin began on a pair of 200L copper stills named Clarissa and Jennifer (named after ‘The Two Fat Ladies’ of the BBC food show). Their first gin was a classic London Dry Gin – followed soon after by our celebration of the City of London – Square Mile gin. Since then they’ve added a very popular Sloe gin, an Old Tom gin, a Christopher Wren gin as well as the contemporary flavours Six Bells Lemon Gin, Murcian Orange Gin and Rhubarb and Rose Gin to their range.

In 2016 a larger 500L pot still was bought in alongside the original pair to scale up production. This new larger still was launched in 2016 to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and named Elizabeth accordingly.



The Gins


Authentic Gin

Their first gin, launched in 2012 and created by Master Distiller Jonathan Clark, it is a classically balanced London Dry Gin. Juniper takes centre stage, bright citrus, now more aromatic. A subtle earthy spice to balance.



The Square Mile Gin

Launched in 2016 and named after the City of London, this gin is undeniably at home in classic gin-led cocktails. It excels in Martinis, White Ladies, Gimlets and Collins. Bold and dry. The juniper remains the star here, with hints of lemon and grapefruit lending a little zing. A subtle softness from the dried orange and liquorice makes for a great progression of flavour.



Christopher Wren Gin

Inspired by the architecture of famed London architect Sir Christopher Wren, this gin celebrates the buildings that make up the iconic skyline of London’s city centre. A collaboration with the then-Master-Distiller of Tanqueray, Tom Nichol, this gin again represents a very classic London Dry expression. This time focusing on just one citrus, dried orange peel, the profile is rounded with the earthy spice and bitter-sweet balance taking centre stage.



Old Tom Gin

An older style of gin pre-dating London Dry, Old Tom was born as a response to poor-quality alcohol being produced in people’s own homes in London. Sugar and strongly spiced botanicals were added to make it more palatable and to hide the flavour of impurities in the spirit.



Six Bells Lemon Gin

Launched at the end of 2018, this gin takes its name from the classic nursery rhyme ‘oranges and lemons, say the bells of St. Clement’s.’ Rather than a flavoured gin with full focus on one flavour, this is unmistakably a gin drinker’s gin; well balanced, and highlighting the characteristics of the prominent lemon botanical without overpowering the rest.



Murcian Orange Gin

Launched alongside the Six Bells, this acts as a contrast in flavour profile. Where the Six Bells is bright, fresh and summery, this is more spiced, with a rich rounded profile highlighting delicious bitter-sweet orange with some more robust aromatics. Perfect in Negronis – or anything else where you want a gin with a little extra spice.



Rhubarb & Rose Gin

Released in February 2019, City of London Distillery Rhubarb and Rose is unlike any other rhubarb gin on the market, and is inspired by the British love affair with rhubarb and rose. This London Dry Gin uses plenty of fresh rhubarb and dried rose petals in both the pot and basket during distillation.



Navy Strength Lime Gin

The latest addition to the City of London Distillery range, this delightfully vibrant gin was launched in Spring 2020. It is inspired by the citrus fruits that would have descended down the river Thames from distant lands as the British Empire flourished. Bottled at Navy Strength which gives a rounded palate that balances the zing of lime with the depth of traditional juniper-forward botanicals.

For more information about the City of London Distillery and for their wonderful cocktail recipes, visit their website


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