“You’re Hired!” – ‘Gintern’ found after 5,000 gin lovers apply for their dream job!

Last year ILoveGin set out to find a Gintern who would visit distilleries around the country, taste-test new gins and mixers, and report back to the team in London. The job advert went viral and was featured on hundreds of websites, newspapers, and on TV, and shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media with over 5,000 people submitting an application! And now we have found our winner!



In order to help whittle down the candidates, two rounds of tasks were held. The first, a simple social media review in which applicants were asked to review a gin or mixer and post it on social media, this helped narrow the search to 500 candidates.

The second round, asking candidates to produce a video showing their passion for gin and why we should hire them, narrowed the search down further to just 32 candidates of which a final 8 were selected to be invited to London for the “Gintern Finals”.

ILoveGin invited the final 8 to ‘The Distillery’ in Notting Hill, London to complete two tasks. The first was to prepare and present a “signature serve” featuring Portobello Road Gin to camera, and the second was a short “reverse interview” where candidates were observed pitching the ILoveGin brand to the Portobello Road Gin ambassador.

After much deliberation, we selected a winner: Johdi, from Burnley, who had created a Breakfast Martini during the final round which featured her homemade Portobello Road Gin grapefruit curd. Johdi impressed the team with a polished pitch and great knowledge of ILoveGin’s expertise in promoting Gin brands to their customers.

An interview with Johdi, The Gintern:

How did you first find out about the Ginternship?

I was browsing Facebook and like the other 5,000 applicants, I thought to myself – what an amazing job – I could definitely do this! 

Why did you decide to apply?

It was a Saturday night, after one too many gins. I never dreamt of being shortlisted but I’d just started receiving gins from brands to feature on my blog, Two Sister Bloggers. I ticked the boxes for the social media round of the application and ILoveGin sounded like a fun company to work for, so I went for it and submitted my application. 

What did you do for the first round (social media review) and why?

I reviewed Pinkster Gin. I wanted to show the ILoveGin team that I could write, but was building links with brands too. I bake with gin and I’d made a Pinkster Gin pavlova as part of the gin review as I wanted to show my creative side as well. 

See Johdi’s Round 1 Entry.

What did you do for the video round and why?

I’m really lucky that the producers of Batch Gin are on my doorstep and I had developed links with them because of Two Sister Bloggers. Claire their Ops Manager supported the blog from the beginning and agreed to let me film on-site at Batch HQ. As well as filming at Batch I featured my own collection gin collection whilst chatting over at G&T.  

See Johdi’s Round 2 Video on YouTube.

How did you feel when you were in the top 32, and then the top 8?

What a crazy experience! I couldn’t believe I got through to each of the rounds but London and the final 8 was when it got real and I actually thought I was in with a chance. 

What was your thought process behind the cocktail presentation you chose to do?

I chose to present a Breakfast Martini. For the purpose of blog research it had become a bit of a joke that I wasn’t opposed to sampling the odd gin for breakfast on a Saturday morning, so it sort of just fit. I like sharp cocktails too so it is one of my favourites. Portobello Road had just celebrated St George’s Day with collection of cocktails; a contemporary take on nostalgic English products, which got me thinking. I wanted to keep the tradition of the cocktail but also think like Portobello as we were presenting at The Distillery. I wanted to show off that I cook and bake with gin, so I made a Portobello Road grapefruit curd and used that instead of the traditional ingredient of marmalade. 

See Johdi making her Grapefruit Curd Breakfast Martini!

How was the finals day? 

Amazing! I had so much fun meeting the other Gintern finalists. The role-reverse interview was a great experience too. The whole day was just brilliant. 

What was your reaction to being told you’d be chosen as the Gintern?

I honestly wasn’t expecting it. I’d had such a great day and there were a couple of other finalists I had bets on so to say I was shocked is a total understatement.

What are you looking forward to most when you start?

Working with the ILoveGin team and getting to know the brand will be fun. I can’t wait to meet producers and discover new brands. Of course I would be lying if I said it wasn’t the sampling gin part too!

What do you want to tell the world about Gin!?

Pair well and get creative! Pick a good mixer and don’t underestimate what a good garnish does for a gin. Don’t be afraid to experiment, herbs, citrus, chocolate – whatever takes your fancy. ILoveGin is a perfect way to sample lots of different gins and tonics whilst on the journey to finding your favourite – I have almost 60 in my collection and I still can’t decide…


Welcome to the team, Johdi!

Over the next few weeks, ILoveGin members and fans will hear more from Johdi as she starts visiting new distilleries and discovering new gins and mixers for our members to try. Stay tuned!



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  • Holly Harwood June 21, 2017   Reply →

    Congratulations Johdi!! Perfect for the job and your grapefruit curd was the best! Was so lovely to meet you all.

    Holly x

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