Gordon’s Pink: the sassy gin for this season!

It’s the most recognisable gin brand there is but here’s an unusual and modern take on a classic recipe that’s well worth a taste. Gordon’s Pink Gin is inspired by the original Gordon’s recipe which dates to the 1800s, but this contemporary twist is full of sweet berry notes, making it the sassy drink to choose this season.

One of the first to pioneer the distillation of fine quality gin, Alexander Gordon began perfecting his recipe in 1769. He built a distillery in Southwark, London which was well-known for its excellent, clean water supply. Gordon then went on to master the art of distilling. His aim was always to create a classic gin; he believed that the success of his gin lay in the perfect combination of pure distilled grain spirit and rich botanicals. By the 1960s, Gordon’s had achieved the status of being the world’s bestselling gin brand and over the years, Gordon’s has been awarded four royal warrants and an impressive selection of international gin prizes.

The Bottle

Not long after Gordon’s started bottling in green glass in the early 20th Century, it had its first request for a big order to be sent to Australia. This was one of its first large export shipments and the occasion was marked with the design of a new export label. The new design was fitted to the green bottle but looked overly bold for a gin with serious credentials. As a result, Gordon’s decided to pair it with clear glass and its export bottle was born.

The Boar

Take a look at the lid of any bottle of Gordon’s gin and you’ll find a boar’s head. Legend has it that a member of the Gordon clan saved the King of Scotland from a wild boar when out hunting. Ever since, the ancestors of Alexander Gordon sported a boar’s head on their coat of arms.

Gordon’s Pink

Gordons Pink is inspired by the original Gordon’s recipe; a secret recipe carefully distilled, delivering a distinctively refreshing taste that comes from the finest handpicked juniper berries and a selection of other botanicals.

With its delicate fruity sweetness, irresistible smell and subtle touch of juniper, Gordon’s Pink Gin is perfectly crafted to balance the refreshing taste of Gordon’s. With the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries and the tang of redcurrant, this is a gin inspired by the Spanish gin trend. Served up in a unique blushing tone, it is made using only natural fruit flavours to guarantee a real berry taste.

The Gordon’s P&T

Fill a large glass with ice, mix 50ml Gordon’s Pink with 150ml premium tonic water, garnish with fresh strawberries.

For a delicious twist, try with a cucumber tonic or give the Pink Spritz a try:

In a large glass filled with ice add 50ml Gordon’s Pink, 50ml lemonade and 25ml prosecco – cheers!

Read more about Gordon’s Gin on their website


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