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If You’ve Not Tried a Turbo Gin & Tonic You Need To Now

Sometimes all it takes is combining two things you love to make something new and exciting. This is the case with a turbo G&T, which combines gin with coffee, specifically cold brew coffee. It’s surprising that these two great things have never crossed paths properly before until now!

Maybe they were just happy to do their own things, whether it was coffee, being there for those early starts, to give you a little energy and then resting itself in the evening whereas gin has always been there in the evenings, waiting for you after a long night. Luckily for us someone decided to put these two things together with some tonic and created what is now known as a Turbo Gin & Tonic!

So what exactly goes into a turbo g&t?

Most recipes that you’ll find on the internet suggest using cold brew coffee, which is easy enough to buy from a shop or to make yourself (thought you’ll need to plan as it’ll take up to 24 hours to make).

Things you’ll need:

– Gin (pick your favourite, you’ll need approx 50ml)
– Tonic water
– Ice
– Cold Brew Coffee
– Garnish such as orange peel

How to make a Turbo Gin & Tonic:

1. Get your favourite glass and fill it with ice
2. Add 50ml of Gin and then top the glass up with tonic water leaving room for a layer of coffee
3. Slowly pour in cold brew coffee (add a little more if you want it stronger)
4. Finish with a garnish of citrus peel e.g orange/lemon peel
5. Sit back and enjoy your new favourite drink

Do you love gin?

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