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There is something about Peter Spanton drinks, that certain je-ne-sais-quoi that makes them special. Delicious on their own but also a great mixer for the finest spirits…


Peter Spanton, the founder of the brand, is quite the character. Former owner of the bar Vic Naylor’s in Clerkenwell, Peter used to be the reason for its fame, especially after one too many drinks. The idea to launch a range of tasty adult soft drinks springs form a radical change in his lifestyle as he left alcohol part of his past, forever.

Adult soft drinks weren’t a thing back then and there is only so much sparkling water and kids orange juice a man can take. So Peter with his passion for mixing and blending the best ingredients, developed his own recipes and brand. In 2010 after selling the legendary Vic Naylor’s bar in Clerk

enwell London, began bottling the drinks on a small scale.

The company grew exponentially from then on! When the novelist and journalist Will Self, wrote a piece in praise of No 7 before the drink was even launched, he caused Spanton to take down the website on which he was offering free samples. “By that evening. I had 3,000 e-mails from everyone from recovering alcoholics through to pregnant women, people in Muslim communities to people with medical difficulties.” – Peter tells “The Independent“.

Now high end bars and restaurants offer Peter Spanton drinks to customers and started pairing them with food, just like a sommelier would do for wine.


The Ethos of the Brand

Peter Spanton Drinks drinks appeal to the ones of us who are looking for something a bit different and are not scared of daring. It is no coincidence that the logo is the hare: a mischievous mascot, a flaneur, observing society and filled with a certain ennui for the world. He gives their customers a touch of the unknown, a tantalising glimpse of that for which they search: the ineffable satisfaction of the drink that is just right. There is something indefinable that our mixers add to make a drink perfect.

The Range

Peter Spanton counts 7 drinks which are named with a number. They are not sequential because Peter wants people to be intrigued, to ask why. There are a few numbers that they have kept back for special recipes – so keep your eyes peeled. We are particularly interested in the Lemongrass and Cardamom Tonics because they pair beautifully with gin. You should however try the whole range as they are all special and delicious.


N°1 London Tonic

The shock of quinine is balanced with Sicilian lemon oil and the essence of bitter orange peel. Less than one calorie per serve. Best paired with Gin, in a cocktail like the Byzantine or in a G&T with a slice of lime.


N°3 Dry Ginger 

A proper ginger ale that reflects the taste of 1950’s London. A perfect mixer for a robust whisky or bourbon. Reject all other insipid copies. This is the real thing. Make a superb Old Fashioned with this one.


N°4 Chocolate

An exotic blend of mint and dark chocolate essence is balanced against the bitterness of quinine and the sharpness of citrus to create a tonic that demands attention. Mix with dark spirits and explore the possibilities.


N°5 Lemongrass

Lemongrass adds the spicy top note that a regular lemon can not. Add a little ginger heat and you have a perfect summer mixer. Mix it with your favourite gin or vodka for a superior drink.


N°6 London Soda

Bottled with purity in mind. We just add mineral salts and carbonate resulting in a soda water that is totally pure, but definitely not simple.


N°9 Cardamom

With its delicate flavour, our award winning No9 is an ideal mixer for gin or refreshingly different on its own. Try with a slice of green apple for an even fresher G&T. Add black pepper and strawberries as a garnish 😉


N°13 Salted Paloma

Created to excite the adult palate, this grown up grapefruit soda with salt and lime is a delectable soft drink on its own. Try with tequila or Campari for a long, refreshing drink that simply has no rivals.



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