Secret Garden Gins are perfect year round! 🌿

Secret Garden gins are crafted from botanicals grown and hand harvested at the Distillery’s very own Secret Garden. We love the sound of that!

The Story

The Secret Garden Distillery was founded in 2017 by Hamish Martin, a former wine merchant and herbologist, who fulfilled his life-long dream of creating a green oasis of plants and herbs. He resurrected a derelict 7.5 acre plot of land at the foot of the Pentland Hills in Edinburgh, and with the vision to fill it with plants, herbs and create a natural habitat for wildlife.


The garden is Hamish’s passion and he uses his knowledge of botanicals to create 100% natural gins. All Secret Garden Gins are made with no added sugars, artificial colourings, flavourings or additives.


Secret Garden gins are crafted from botanicals grown and hand harvested at the Distillery’s very own Secret Garden. The garden has over 600 plants and herbs, all of which are carefully tended to by The Secret Garden Team. They use no chemicals whatsoever and use plants to heal plants. The botanicals are dried in a purpose built drying room to ensure all the flavours and aromas of the botanicals are preserved naturally. The drying room is heated to 37 degrees Celsius, the same heat as our bodies and a beehive.



The GINs

The Secret Garden Elderflower & Jasmine Gin

Elderflower & Jasmine is a naturally flavoured gin that is floral in fragrance with hints of sweetness. Hand harvested Elderflower and Jasmine are distilled separately and blended together with their base gin spirit. Naturally dried rose and dark violet petals are then infused to impart their beautiful natural colour and intensify the flavour, creating this exotic floral gin. Made with 100% natural ingredients, these superb gins are excellent for cocktails such as the classic Negroni, Gin Fizz or in a simple Gin and Tonic.

The Secret Garden Lemon Verbena Gin

Lemon Verbena is a contemporary style gin that is naturally zesty in fragrance. Hand harvested Lemon Verbena is distilled with The Secret Garden base botanicals of Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root and Winter Savoury to produce a gin which is blended with fresh Lemon Verbena water distillates to create this refreshing award-winning gin. This London Dry gin is best served with light tonic and a lemon garnish.

The Secret Garden Wild Gin

Wild plants are the teams passion, and they encourage them to grow freely in their Distillery’s award-winning Secret Garden. The team distil homegrown Bog Myrtle, Nettle, Sweet Cicely and eight other indigenous botanicals with their base gin to create this unique gin. Wild is naturally herbaceous in fragrance with an aromatic juniper flavour. This London Dry gin is best served with light tonic and a rosemary garnish.

The Secret Garden Apothecary Rose Gin

Apothecary Rose is subtle in fragrance with a naturally floral flavour.

Nose: Potpourri
Taste: Turkish delight
Finish: Hints of brown sugar

This award-winning gin is best served with light tonic and a raspberry and mint garnish.




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Read more about The Secret Garden Distillery and their amazing tours and tastings over on their website

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  • Janet Rock October 2, 2022   Reply →

    I like the look of your Secret Garden’s Gins, especially the Elderflower and Jasmine and the Apothecary Rose Gin. I would like to buy them by the bottle for presents for my friends who ae Gin Girls , like myself.

    • Lucy November 3, 2022   Reply →

      Hi Janet – we unfortunately don’t sell the full-sized bottles but you can purchase directly from the Secret Garden website or other retailers. Hope you enjoy!

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