Secret Santa Gifts For Gin Lovers

The Top 10 Secret Santa Gifts For Gin Lovers

It’s the time of the year when the secret Santa between friends, colleagues or even family starts, you know the drill, you’ll be matched with someone and if it’s a work person you may only know a few things about them, the likelihood is that you’ll know what tipple they like.

If gin is there spirit of choice then we’ve found the very best gifts to buy them!
Coming in 1st place we have our favourite and best seller…

1. Gin & Tonic Lip Balm, £3.50

G&T Lip Balm

It’s unique, it’s fun and it tastes great, a wonderful little gift you can give to your secret Santa, best of all you can buy them other things as you’ll have change to spare.

2. A Gin Bag, £12

G&T Lip Balm & Bag

With the introduction of the 5p bag charge a cotton tote bag like this is super useful! Best of all are the two designs you can pick from!

3. One of our ILoveGin G&T boxes, £19


Our members love our boxes but did you know we sell them individually too here , they make great one off gifts and include 2 x gins and 2 x tonic/mixers for them to try.

4. The Gin & Tonic Guide Book, £15 members, £20 non members

Gin Book

Depending on your Secret Santa budget this is a wonderful gift for a gin lover, they’ll spend hours browsing through it, reading about pairings and gins they own, have tried and want to try!

5. The personalised Gin O’Clock Glass, £15

it's Gin O'Clock Glass

You know they love gin and drink it often so why not give them something to drink it from with their very own personalised gin glass!

6. G&T Glasses, £12-15
Gin Glasses

7. Lemons and Limes, £0.20+

Lemons and Limes

It’ll be sure to bring some laughs when they unwrap the odd looking parcel to find it full of fruit but then they’ll be happy when they now can make G&Ts with them!

8. Gin Gift Wrap, £3.75

Gin Gift Wrap

Maybe you just want to wrap the gift you’ve already bought in this wonderful gift wrap!

9. A bottle of Gin, Prices vary

Minus 33 - Juniper Distilled Spirit

What is better than giving them the one thing they love….GIN!

10. Tonic Syrup, £20 members, £22 non-members

BTW Tonic Syrup

You can’t have a G&T without tonic so why not surprise them with this unique Tonic Syrup!


Wow the gin-lover in your life with these unique gin gifts!


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