2 Must Try Cocktails Featuring Peter Spanton Tonic

The tonic waters featured in this months ILoveGin box are from the wonderful Peter Spanton company who produce an array of tonics of which we like to bet that there’s at least one you’ve not tried yet! Whether you use the tonic in your ILoveGin box or simply buy some more to use with these recipes you’ll be sure to love the cocktails that they make.

Sakura Flower featuring Peter Spanton Cardamom Tonic

35 Jinzu Gin
25 Kirakira (cherry liqueur)
10 vanilla sugar syrup
10 fresh lemon juice
1 drop hibiscus bitters
1 drop grapefruit bitters
1 drop peach bitters
gold glitter
Top up with Beverage Nº9 Cardamom Tonic

Created by: Bartosz Jakowiec
Venue: Quo Vadis

‘Marty McDry’ featuring Peter Spanton Chocolate Tonic

Something for those that have a slightly indulgent sweet tooth and don’t mind adding egg white to a cocktail.

20ml of gin
crème de cacao blanc
dry vermouth
shaken with an egg white
Peter Spanton Nº4 Chocolate Tonic

Created by: Fin Spiteri
Venue: Quo Vadis

Let us know if you try one or both and which you like, we’d also love to see your creations so please take a photo and tag us and Peter Spanton in it on social media so we can see!

In case you hadn’t seen the different drinks they produce, you’ll see them below, you’ll notice the Lemongrass Tonic Water and the Cardamom Tonic Water, both featured in the ILoveGin monthly subscription box.


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  • Sarah November 7, 2017   Reply →

    Raw egg in cocktails might sound a bit crazy but it really improves the texture of a drink. It’s actually been around for over 100 years and is famed for it’s scientific ability to react with acids to create an incredible, luxurious foam. As you mention, it’s something that people are wary of but it adds no additional flavour and is something that has to be tried at least once. Salmonella is always a background thought but it is incredibly rare in Britain and if good quality eggs from reputable farmers are used there is little chance of illness.

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