We love Ramsbury Single Estate Gin!

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin is one of the few single estate gins made in the UK. Their award-winning gin starts its journey on the estate as Winter wheat. With a beautiful bottle, combined with delicious botanicals, including quince… this is a gin you just need to try!


The Story


Situated amongst the 19,000 acres of land on the Ramsbury estate is Ramsbury’s distillery, with the milling shed sat just next door. Besides that sits an orchard and lake. Behind, fields of Winter wheat grow, which will be harvested on precisely the day that is best because as farmers, they know the land and the crop, as well as they know how to make a fine gin!

Not many gins are ‘Single Estate’, which means everything is produced in one place. Ramsbury use their own spirit which is distilled with nine botanicals to produce their gin.

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin is a modern twist on a classic London dry gin. When the team distilled their first batch of gin, there was something missing. The spirits were smooth and soft and the botanicals were delicious; it was quite simply a perfect London Dry Gin. But it lacked a certain something. They set out into the orchard where the quince trees grow, picked a fruit and added it to their next batch. This wonderful and freshly scented gift of Vitamin C, which is said to have saved Magellan from scurvy and scented the ladies of ancient Greece, proved to be exactly what was missing.

The Ramsbury Cycle

1. Chalk filtered water is sourced from Ramsbury’s own well for the distilling.
2. They harvest their wheat especially chosen for its flavour characteristics.
3. They mill the wheat just next to the distillery.
4. Quince is picked from their own orchard.
5. Fallen trees are chopped to heat their bio-mass boiler.
6. The spent wheat is used to feed their cattle.
7. Manure from the cattle is used to fertilise their fields.
8. The 43-plate column still and state of the art equipment create incredibly smooth and delicious single estate spirits.
9. The waste water is funnelled back to the surrounding nature, through a series of reed beds providing natural filtration.
10. After the water is filtered through each reed-bed, it ends up in their pond where wildlife can happily flourish.


The Gin

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin is a crisp, full bodied gin in which floral notes combined with quince, gives it a moreish and sweet palate. Floral tones and crisp quince fades into more savoury juniper, with a refreshing finish and a touch of spice. It’s perfect when paired with a classic Indian tonic, a slice of apple and lime and plenty of ice.



Starting with their own 96.5% spirit, nine botanicals are added (juniper, fresh quince, cinnamon, liquorice, oris root, dried lemon peel, dried orange peel, coriander and angelica). These are then distilled in their 160L gin still. From the 80% gin concentrate, it’s blended down to 40% using their very own natural, chalk filtered water.

To find out more about the Ramsbury Spirits, as well as some delicious cocktail recipes, head to their website.

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