Wessex Gin: stunning inside and out!

Wessex Distillery is a multi award winning family-run distillery based just outside Godalming in the heart of the Surrey Hills. The Wessex Distillery logo features a Wyvern, the legendary dragon of Wessex. The range of gins look absolutely beautiful and taste amazing. You need to try them all!


The Story

Wessex is a family-run distillery based in the heart of the Surrey Hills. All their gins are created in the 240-litre copper pot still named Toby, after the family’s Grandma. The family create smooth, clean and flavoursome gins. To achieve this they have carefully chosen all their botanicals. They took great patience and care to create the perfect balance in their recipes, with numerous “tasting sessions” . It is a hard job, but someone has to do it!

The Wessex logo features a Wyvern which is the symbol of Wessex and it wraps around the iconic Wessex Gin goblet . This gives a true feeling of heritage.The unique bottle shape is expertly made, taking inspiration from ancient potion bottles with cork stoppers and jewelled colours.

After distillation the gin is directed downstairs to be bottled by one of the family. After having a successful first year selling the original ‘Alfred the Great Gin’ the range expanded to feature seven different gins! Including  ‘Wyvern Classic Gin’ which has had a successful award season this year, winning Gold Outstanding at the International wines & Spirits Competition, as well as Gold at the Gin Masters and London Spirits Competition.

They have gins to suit everyone’s taste buds with Saxon Garden Gin, Wyvern’s Spiced Gin, Sicilian Lemon & Ginger and English Sloe Gin.


The Gins

Alfred The Great Gin

The Clark family has developed a classic and exceptionally smooth gin in honour of Alfred the first King of England known to be ‘The Truth Teller.’ Hence why this gin comes without the fuss. It contains a precise balance of core botanicals, with a strong initial thump of juniper, followed by enlightening coriander and lively citrus endnotes.

This is what we believe a London dry gin should be.



Wyvern’s Classic Gin

Wyvern’s Classic is their premium London Dry Gin. This is strong, fiery and full-bodied with a well-balanced mix of botanicals infused for 12 hours prior to distillation. The balance in botanicals in The Wyvern’s Gin is such that no one flavour overshadows the rest and you’re left with a clean gin.

If you’re a real London dry gin lover this is for you.

Wyvern’s Spiced Gin

They’ve struck the perfect balance when creating a potent spiced gin with a surprisingly smooth finish. The gin you’ll be reaching out for.

Botanicals include a mix of fresh ginger, cardamon & cubeb layered on top of juniper, and coriander seed. You’ll discover the kick from our old Indian cloves with a lasting cool citrus finish, giving a unique robust fiery gin.

Saxon Garden Gin

The floral-inspired recipe is distilled with enlightening rose petals, hibiscus and refreshing lavender. The subtle floral notes are met with the traditional London dry botanicals ensuring a depth of flavour with a refreshing citrus finish. Resulting in a wonderfully smooth floral based gin to be perfectly enjoyed under the sun.


Sicilian Lemon & Ginger Gin

From the lemons in their crates to the bottles in their boxes it all takes place at the distillery. Made with only the highest quality ingredients. 100% natural.

The perfectly ripe Sicilian lemons are hand-peeled by one of the family and infused with vacuum distilled ginger as well as our core botanicals. We carefully extract the most delicate flavours in higher pressures but lower temperatures. Ensuring we get all the best flavour.

From the strong lemon nose you can tell you’re getting a generous share of botanicals. To taste there’s a sharp bite with a rounded sweet finish. Crafting a delicious and effortlessly refreshing gin.

Gooseberry and Elderflower Gin

The Gooseberry and Elderflower Gin is created with fresh gooseberry juice and distilled elderflower in our vacuum still. This carefully extracts the delicate flavours in higher pressures but lower temperatures ensuring we get all the best bits.

To taste, the sweet and zingy gooseberry is perfectly matched with the fragrant elderflower. Complimentary citrus and earthy botanicals excite adding depth and warmth to the gin. Resulting in a perfect bittersweet drink.

English Sloe Gin

Wessex’s traditional English sloe gin is nurtured over 7 months by the team so you don’t have to.

They use a huge amount of sloe berries sourced from the English countryside. These berries are steeped with natural sugar allowing them to realise all their rich juices into our bespoke crafted Gin.

Due to this combination and our patience they’ve created an extremely smooth sloe gin with a stunning royal red complexion. The resulting flavour is worth the wait with subtle hints of almond.



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